Furniture and Décor stores Time Tracking Simplified

Furniture and Decor stores Time Tracking Simplified

Between her warehouse and showroom, Susan needed a simple time tracking solution to easily track her team’s hours worked. After testing a few time tracking softwares, she chose to implement OnTheClock into her business.


Easy Time Tracking


Columbus, Georgia

LAZBOY Home furnishings and Decor

Tell us about you

La-Z-Boy home furnishing and decor is an independently owned and operated furniture store and Susan is the director of sales and marketing and also an owner The company's goals are to remain profitable in its current location, maintain year-over-year growth and retain its current employee talent.

The challenges you faced

    Antiquated time clock system

    The showroom and warehouse locations were running antiquated time clock software. The business needed to upgrade to Macs in 2018, and the desktop program bought initially in 2002 lived on a series of floppy disks, which was no longer feasible.

    Faxing payroll

    Faxes were being sent off to their accountant to transcribe for payroll processing.

    No provided recommendations

    Normally recommendations for software use come from vendors or other dealers. No one had any suggestions regarding a time tracking solution that worked for a small group. Susan took to Google, found reviews online, and compared online time clocks.

    There's got to be a better way

    She knew she needed more accessibility to the timecards, paid time off management, and a way to schedule associates inside the program.

“Our employees are like a family to us”

Susan Verified Customer

How OnTheClock helped

Schedule creation for the month helps Susan budget time to divide responsibility amongst sales associates to reach company goals easily. She could nix the fax line cost because the accountant can now download timesheets right from the site as a PDF or a CSV file. She has reduced the use of separate excel sheets to track employee time off manually. It is all combined in one solution and automatically calculated. Susan mentions that the pros to a subscription software are the tech side of getting all the new and cool tools implemented through time versus buying it and being done with the purchase. She said, "I get value for what I spend."

"I get value for what I spend."- Susan

"I had questions about PTO and auto breaks, and I could chat with someone almost immediately. They could see my account and tell me what to fix and solve my problem"
- Susan

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