Carolina Glaucoma Using OnTheClock for Their Medical Office

Time Tracking Made Easy for Carolina Glaucoma

Jennifer came into the practice and acquired the company's time tracking solution, OnTheClock. "Maneuvering the site and editing time cards is really user friendly," she said.


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Wilmington, North Carolina

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Tell us about you

Jennifer is an office manager for Carolina Glaucoma, a specialized practice for glaucoma patients located in Wilmington, NC. She manages two locations that employees rotate between throughout the week. Carolina Glaucoma shares a company vision of expanding its services to accommodate a growing population and opportunities for community outreach.

The challenges you faced

    How fast can I learn this

    Jennifer came into the practice and acquired the company's time tracking solution, OnTheClock. She needed to be able to gain an understanding of the system and how it operates quickly. Learning and documenting the day-to-day functions and uses is essential for an office manager

    Managing observed Holidays

    Often coming in with fresh eyes on a system, you learn ways to maximize the product to its total capacity. Jennifer knew she wanted to save time by having the capability of entering the holiday schedule for employees in advance.

    I forgot to clock in today

    Knowing there is room for error when clocking in and out, it is crucial to Jennifer that she can make adjustments. If this process is easy to understand and quick to manage, it will take up less time in the work day. As an office manager, this is one of the tasks that often falls to her.

    Does this send timecards to my payroll provider

    One of Jennifer's many responsibilities includes making sure that timesheets promptly make it over to payroll. She is all about a way to automate or email this from a solution directly to payroll.

“Every pay period, we just email this over to accounting”

Jennifer Verified Customer

How OnTheClock helped

Jennifer was able to learn the basics of OnTheClock and get a binder with use instructions in no time at all. Jennifer says, "Once you know it, you know it." The employees have a unique schedule for their field. Time tracking is now accessible from either the website on an office computer or a personal mobile device, allowing staff to log their hours worked efficiently. Holidays are no longer a hassle. They are entered in bulk and published for the year in advance. Employees can see that they have that holiday off. Jennifer can select the date ranges she needs and email those time cards from the system right to her payroll provider; what a time saver. It sure beats handing in handwritten timesheets, to which Jennifer said, "Are people still doing that?". The most valuable component to Carolina Glaucoma has been time tracking and ease of use. They have not needed to reach out to support because it is so easy to learn and adapt to your day-to-day business practices.

"Once you know it, you know it" -Jennifer

"Maneuvering the site and editing time cards is really user friendly"
- Jennifer

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