Hand Enter and Manually Adjust Hours Worked by Employees

How to enter hours by hand.

This time clock feature will allow employers and employees to manually enter time that has been worked. This feature is typically used to avoid employee punching, collect hours worked for billing purposes and improve time management within a company. It actually compliments our Job & Project Costing feature for billing clients appropriately and making sure you are staying in budget. 

How to Edit Time Cards

Have you ever come across a mistake while approving time cards only to realize there is an error? This could range from missed punches, to the incorrect time being displayed on a timesheet. Time card editing should not be difficult and this is why OnTheClock has made it as easy as possible for these changes to be made.

Editing an employee’s time card can be performed by logging into your Admin account and selecting the employee that you would like to edit. From here you will have many options to choose from during the editing process. 

Correcting a punch

Correcting a punch is an option when editing time cards. Sometimes an employee may punch in or out at the wrong time and you need to perform an edit for it to reflect accurately on their time card. This option gives you the freedom of knowing that your time cards will be accurate when processing payroll. The best part is that it’s very easy to perform!

  • The Admin or Manager will select time cards.
  • Double click on the entry for the employee and date you would like to correct. 
  • Next, a box will display with punch fields for you to complete the in and out times.

Correcting a time clock punch. 

Adding a day

If an employee forgets to punch in for an entire day then you will have the option to add a day. We all get caught up in the day-to-day hustle and bustle and sometimes we forget things, such as punching the clock. OnTheClock is here to help when this happens.

  • An Admin or Manager will go into the time cards section. 
  • Select the ‘Add Day’ button and a pop-up will display for you to enter the date and employee.
  • Next, click ‘Add Punch’ to fill out the employee’s time in and time out.

Add a day.

Adding multiple days, regular and PTO hours

In the event you need to add multiple days for an employee, you would use the our Add Multi Day option. This is a great tool to use for straight hours, individual jobs or simply when employees do not punch in for numerous days within the pay period. This is also a great way for a situation where in and out times do not matter within an organization but need to be documented. You will have the option to add regular hours worked, overtime, vacations, holidays, sick days, and personal days.

  • An Admin or Manager will go into their Time Cards section. 
  • Select the button labeled as ‘Add Multi Day’ that will display a pop-up box after clicking. 
  • Add the employee and their hours worked in the appropriate date columns. 

 Add multiple days for regular and PTO.

Please reference our Missed Punch video to learn more about how you can hand enter hours worked and manually adjust hours.


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