PTO Carryover and Renewal

PTO carryforward and renewal

This feature is a great way to grab an end-year summary export for all your employees at once and display beginning and ending balances for PTO renewal.

Benefits of PTO Carryover 

Some employees have unused PTO at the end of the year. Employers may choose to practice the “use it or lose it” method or allow employees to rollover their PTO hours for the next year. Having a system that provides the option to carry forward paid time off is helpful for your business.

  • Save time with your PTO renewal schedule. 
  • Have the ability to apply your policy to carry forward all at once.
  • Employee PTO hours are carried over to the new year with updated values. 

Setting Up PTO Carryover and Renewal with OnTheClock

Once an administrator is logged into OnTheClock, they will select the PTO option at the top. Follow the steps below once you are inside the PTO Renewal section. 

  • Update the Due For Renewal dropdown box.
  • Select your employees by clicking the indicator next to their names to display green.
  • Choose Proposed PTO Values for new year - Yes, No or Some Hours. 
  • Enter hours.
  • Click Roll Forward PTO and Export PTO Balance for a report view. 
    • This will show the employee number, type of paid time off, the balance, how much was used, how much is left, and the PTO rule. 

What is PTO

PTO is the abbreviation for paid time off or personal time off. PTO was designed to provide employees the ability to attend personal matters and utilize towards a healthy work-life balance. Typically, paid time off is a pool of hours for employees to use towards vacation days, sick days, and personal days. To learn more about how to calculate pto, how to structure a paid time off policy, and the different types of PTO, click here.

Simplify PTO Hours

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