Salaried/Exempt Employee Time Tracking

salaried exempt employee time and pto tracking

With OnTheClock you can track salaried (exempt) employee time and PTO hours. There are many benefits to tracking all of your employees’ times and hours. This includes days used for vacation, holiday, sick, personal and other days in which an employee may use to take off.

Why Track Salaried Employee Time?

It is also important for companies to keep records for when employees have worked and/or took time off in case the Department of Labor ever requests such information. It is better to be on the safe side rather than guessing if this type of situation ever comes up. Since everything is cloud based, you will not have to worry about thick paper files lying around the office.

How Exempt Employee Time Is Tracked

With OnTheClock it is very simple to track salary employee time. You can set start and end salary date, in the event that the staff member was previously hourly or if a current salary employee goes hourly. You can also set up hours worked per day and the days of the week the employee normally works. The system will then auto calculate the time card for all salaried employees.

PTO Tracking

Our customers love how easy the PTO(Paid Time Off) system works. With exempt employees you get the same system. Employees can use a computer or the phone apps to request PTO time off, managers approve(or deny) the request. If approved, the time is automatically added to the time card for payroll.

Payroll Export

Salaried employees need to get paid too. If you have salary employees, you still need to send over hours(including PTO hours) for payroll processing. For instance, if the employee is allotted 32 hours of vacation time, you will want to track the time used. If the vacation time is depleted, your employee is not due those hours, so payroll needs to know this and make adjustments on the paycheck. The employee can also view allotted, used and current PTO on their web login or phone app.