Send Messages Through an Employee Time Clock System

 Create conversation messages

Communication within an organization is very important. Employees, team members, managers and business owners need to have a solution to quickly and efficiently communicate. Our time clock system provides a user-friendly messaging feature that’s designed to improve your business communications from top to bottom.

Creating Messages Inside Our Time Clock is Easy

Creating a new conversation is extremely easy. Simply create a new conversation within the messaging feature and select the participants that you want to join. Messaging participants can include Administrators, Managers and Employees. All messages can be reviewed and read inside your time clock account. 

Engage with your employees in new ways using our unified app messaging

Our new time clock instant messaging feature is a great way to unite employers with their employees while providing a spam-free form of communication. When communication is clear, it provides employees and other team members with an understanding about a particular topic. It’s important for a company to be transparent about company objectives. This may include project goals, what the plan is to accomplish them, and a date when they are expected to be completed. Proper messaging will provide your organization with an understanding of what's expected. 

Send reminders, work schedules or any other form of communication 

Instead of dealing with messy emails, provide your team with up-to-date information in real-time. Lets face it, not everyone is good at remembering things. Send quick reminders about upcoming holidays or team meetings. Also utilize the messaging feature to communicate updated work schedules. And if employees just want to say hi to their coworker, they can do that too. 

Obtain quick status updates from your employees

Do you ever wonder the progress that employees are making with projects or tasks? Quickly inquire about status details to overcome this. Information can be shared about work-related questions or concerns within seconds. In return, productivity increases significantly since everyone is on the same page. 

Create a positive work culture

Great communication can strengthen working relationships. OnTheClock’s messaging feature allows employees to be in the loop with management to ask questions and receive answers. Managers and business owners can use our messaging resource to provide positive feedback that also creates a positive work culture.

Live-Time Communication 

Sending messages through our employee time clock system is done so in live-time. Much like phone text messaging, our time clock messages are sent and received instantly to save you time. Team members have the ability to message each other for an improved communication experience. 

Live-time messaging

Also, messages are time stamped and dated for when they were sent. Reference the green icon next to a name to see who’s currently online. Only those who are selected to be involved in a specified message will have access to the information being sent and received for that particular message.

Send Messages on Multiple Devices

Sending and receiving messages can be done through the OnTheClock website and/or our mobile time clock app. We understand that each company is different and may need multiple methods when it comes to ways to communicate. Our Android and Apple apps provide quick messaging access to those who work on the go. If you work inside an office or brick and mortar environment and prefer a desktop version to message co-workers, we have you covered as well. Simply sign into your time clock account to check, send and receive messages.  

Improve Company Communication

Modern messaging features to help grow your business