Affordable Time Tracking for Gallopade

Affordable Time Tracking for Gallopade

Carolyn needed a time tracking solution that was competitively priced and offered what was required but wasn't too expensive.


Affordable Time Tracking


Peachtree City, Georgia


Tell us about you

Located in Peachtree City, GA, Gallopade International is a publishing company started in 1979. The founder of the company had a love for learning and writing and wanted to write for children. Today, the company focuses on education, mainly social studies, for k-8th grade.

The challenges you faced

    Various schedules

    Carolyn, an Accounting Manager with Gallopade, said their staff ranges from part-time to full-time and off-site employees. They needed a system that could track hours for all their employees.

    Paid Time Off

    She was also looking for a system to help manage the company's paid time off.


    Carolyn looked at various time tracking solutions and needed one that was competitively priced and offered what was required but wasn't too expensive.

    Customer support

    Customer service is crucial in determining a good fit for Gallopade International. Carolyn wanted software that offered exceptional service and could give a quick response to issues if they arose.

“We have many types of employees.”

Carolyn Verified Customer

How OnTheClock helped

"OnTheClock covers the bases we need covered so we can focus on the areas important to our company without having to be burdened by extra record keeping," says Carolyn. Since implementing OnTheClock for daily use to manage employees, they have decreased their time spent tracking employee hours and time off. "OnTheClock provides reports that we use for payroll, and it keeps a record of what we have done in the past," she said. Compared to competitors, OnTheClock had competitive pricing and a support team that was quick and efficient. Through the years, the product continues to improve and add features, a bonus to Gallopade International, a company that also consistently adapts. "OnTheClock fits our budget and provides us what we need with ease," Carolyn concluded.

“It decreases the time we have to spend tracking employee hours and time off.”
- Carolyn

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