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Time Clock Integration With ADP

OTC Integrations

Get payroll that runs like clockwork

Streamline your paychecks when you integrate OnTheClock with RUN Powered by ADP®

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OnTheClock automates employee time tracking.
RUN Powered by ADP® (RUN) automates employee paychecks.

Together, we’ll save you time and money — all while keeping your business compliant.

Priced right for growing businesses.

OnTheClock’s software is more affordable than our leading competitors. New customers can get 30 days for $0.

# Of Employees $ Per Employee
1 - 2 $0.00  (free)
3 - 10 $3.50
11 - 25 $3.45
26 - 50 $3.40
51 - 100 $3.35
101 - 200 $3.30
201 - 300 $3.25
301 - 400 $3.20
401 + Contact Us

How OnTheClock Works

OnTheClock automates employee time tracking.

Create an account in seconds.
Access it from any device with an internet connection.
We automatically calculate hours worked, PTO, and more.

How RUN Powered by ADP® Works

ADP RUN automates payroll and human resources.

Create and automate paychecks on your schedule.
Stress less about tax filing and compliance.
Streamline hiring and employee experience.

2 affordable platforms. 2 ways to integrate.


If you’re an existing OnTheClock customer, you can integrate in just a few clicks from your time clock’s payroll provider settings.


If you’re an existing ADP customer, you can integrate by purchasing OnTheClock through the marketplace.

New to both? Sign up for OnTheClock to get 30 days free,
then set up your ADP integration in seconds.

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