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A Time Clock For Your Employees While Tracking Hours Worked

Time clock for employees

At OnTheClock, we believe our system should benefit both managers and their employees. Easy time clock tools can help track employee hours by quickly clocking in and providing the flexibility they need in the modern workplace. The employee-facing side of our system offers several features and options that empower employees to manage their own time and schedules. 

Take a look at a few of our features that can help your employees while maintaining their accountability within your company. 

Benefits of a Web-Based Time Clock for Employees

We developed OnTheClock with employees in mind. Our tool gives them the power to easily clock in so they can focus on work instead. For example: 

  • Track employee hours. Improve time card accuracy to improve payroll.
  • Employees have more flexibility in how they clock-in. They can clock-in on their phones or from their personal computers if needed. 
  • Remote work is easier. As long as your employees have internet access or a smartphone, they can clock in and out of work. 
  • Managers can set GPS limits for clocking in. This allows team members to use their phones to clock in within the geofence, preventing time theft.  
  • Employees can check their schedules and request changes. They can also check their PTO and request time off.  
  • Managers can communicate with employees. This prevents confusion with the staff.  
  • The system is never down for maintenance or broken. Plus, you never have to worry about software and hardware becoming outdated. 

Keep reading to dive deeper into the details of these features and how employees can take advantage of them. 

Multiple Clock-In Options through Desktop and Mobile Devices

Gone are the days where employees need to physically punch in on a wall attachment in the break room. With OnTheClock, employees have multiple options for clocking-in, all of which contribute to a seamless employee and managerial experience. 

Our time clock can be accessed on desktop and mobile, through both a mobile-friendly site and a smartphone app for iOS and Android. As long as the device is authorized by the administrator, your employees can clock in and out right from their devices. 

Of course, you can also set up a specific desktop within your organization for employees to clock in if you need that option for your staff. We also offer additional security features, including the use of biometrics through a fingerprint scanner. Teams can also clock in and out at once through our Group Punch tab.  

Remote and Work from Home Capabilities

When employees don’t need to physically clock in, they have more flexibility to work remotely. They can clock in from a conference, clock out as they leave a sales meeting, or simply manage their time from their homes if they can’t come into the office that day. Even if your team members are in the office, a web-based app over an installed software system allows team members to clock in if they brought their own devices from home. 

While many companies offer remote work and still use time tracking hardware, the burden is placed on the management and human resource teams to approve the remote hours and adjust the timesheets to reflect the time worked. This requires several hours of adjustments and fixes to employee timesheets each pay period. Instead of having to contact management to report their hours worked, your staff can simply use the OnTheClock app or desktop page. 

A web-based time clock tool also allows you to hire employees from across the country – if not the world. You no longer need to worry about tracking the hours of your remote team members because they will align with your in-house staff. This increases your hiring pool and makes your organization more appealing to prospective candidates.    

Geofencing and GPS Control

GPS control and geofencing allow employees to clock in on their phones within the limits that management sets. Team members can clock in when they’re inside the building or on the company campus, but not once they leave your set geofence. This allows your team members to access the added benefits of clocking in on a smartphone without the risk that your employees would clock in outside of the office and break your trust. 

With GPS control, managers can limit where employees can clock in, and even track which team members are online through the OnTheClock internal interface. As an administrator, you can create as many limits as you need to in order to maintain the integrity and security of your organization. 

 see which employees are on the clock

Easy to Check Scheduling

With OnTheClock, employees can easily check their schedules to learn when their next shifts are. They can see which location they are scheduled to work at and see their schedule within specific time frames and pay periods. 

On the management side, administrators and supervisors can easily duplicate employee schedules and fill in their calendars for the whole month in just a few clicks. They can see who is scheduled at each location and who needs to be removed because of their paid time off requests. Managers can also set fixed schedules for full-time employees who start and end their work at the same time every day. 

employee shift scheduling

Paid Time Off Management

Along with schedule management, employees can also see their accrued paid time off (PTO) hours and apply for time off through OnTheClock’s system. This keeps all employee time records in one place – from hourly employees checking their schedules to full-time employees applying for PTO. 

Notes and Tips Between Employees and Supervisors

A popular OnTheClock feature that managers and employees both enjoy is the section for notes and tips. Managers can leave instructions for their employees or simply offer training tips or encouragement over a set period of time.

 time clock employee messaging

Technology That is Constantly Improving

Opting for a web-based time clock means the technology that you invest in will never get old. You won’t have to replace broken or outdated hardware and you won’t have to contend with clunky software updates. Your employees will appreciate all of the features that OnTheClock has to offer, but they will mostly enjoy how easily they can clock in and out each day.

Unite Employees With Employers

OnTheClock has helped over 15,000 companies track over a half billion hours worked.