Time Cards for Exempt Employees With the Salaried Employee Support Feature

Time cards for salaried employees.

A great solution for salaried employees whose time cards can be sent to payroll just like an hourly employee.

Why Use The Salaried Employee Support Feature?

OnTheClock understands that some companies need to provide time cards for all of their employees. That is why we designed this feature to support small businesses who need to track time for their salaried employees. The Salaried Employee Support feature allows payroll providers to conveniently receive time cards for employees who have a set pay rate and schedule.

Although salaried employees typically do not punch the clock, you as the employer may need to provide time cards for these workers. Small businesses are also able to properly document time card records for these individuals with this feature. Below is a list of additional benefits about how the Salaried Employee Support feature improves time tracking data for employers. 

  • Allows proper documentation and record keeping for legal purposes. 
  • For bigger organizations it allows them to gain a better understanding on hours being worked and the days they are being worked. Not everyone works 8 hours per day Monday through Friday. 
  • It provides your payroll provider with accurate time data when processing payroll. 

Other benefits can include accurately billing clients, quoting a project, and understanding job costs. 

How to Start Producing Time Cards For Salaried Employees

Setting up the Salaried Employee Support feature is simple and easy. If you do not need your exempt employees to punch in and out, but would like to receive time cards for their hours worked, then you now have the option to do so. These employees will have time cards just like non-exempt employees do. 

  • The Admin would start by selecting an employee to apply for the new feature. 
  • Once inside the employee’s profile, turn on the salaried option. 
  • Enter the amount of daily hours and select the days of the week that this employee works.
  • Lastly, enter the start date for the employee. The end date is only used for when the employee is no longer with the company or has transitioned into an hourly employee. 

After the settings are updated and saved, the employees chosen for the salaried option will automatically reflect the time you entered onto their time cards for the selected dates. If you would no longer like to have your salaried employees’ hours displaying in the timecard’s section, then you can simply turn it off and away it goes.

We help business owners comply with time card laws.

Easily track your salaried employees' hours.