Time Clock That Works With Quickbooks

Time tracking that integrates with QuickBooks.

A time clock that works with QuickBooks, OnTheClock's time tracking integration provides accurate payroll data. Employee time cards are easily exported into the QuickBooks’ payroll system providing you with time tracking and payroll access in just a few clicks. We like to make your life easier!

Employees can conveniently punch in.

Experience the Best Time Tracking Solution for Small Businesses.

By providing a quick and easy way for business owners to track employee hours worked, employers have experienced a way to improve their payroll expenses and time management skills. With robust features such as GPS, Overtime alerts, mobile app punching, employee scheduling, product and job costing, it allows you to see data in real-time.

QuickBooks - A Convenient Way to Integrate Your Time Clock With Payroll.

You may not be a payroll expert. This is why OnTheClock integrates with QuickBooks to improve your organization and streamline your accounting process when time cards are available. Experience simple accounting software that is easy to use by keeping everything organized. Put less time between you and your money with powerful invoicing, custom reminders direct deposit, and data tracking. Stay on top of your business by accessing numerous reports. Learn more about QuickBooks.

Integrate time cards with QuickBooks.
Send OnTheClock timesheets to QuickBooks.

Seamlessly Add Timesheets Into QuickBooks.

It starts with employees clocking in and out. Review timesheets to make necessary adjustments once the workweek is over. Next, select the pay period you would like to import to QuickBooks. Click the Send to QuickBooks button. Your timesheets have successfully been transferred to start the payroll process.

Reduce Errors and Save Money.

Say goodbye to data entry errors. This will no longer be a problem when combining your time tracking software with your accounting software. By integrating OnTheClock with QuickBooks, this means employee hours and payroll will be accurate, more efficient, and easy to track. You can rest assured knowing that your business and employees are taken care of.

OnTheClock syncs with QuickBooks.
Connect QuickBooks with OnTheClock.

Integrate with both QuickBooks Online and Desktop QuickBooks.

OnTheClock works with the online version of QuickBooks and QuickBooks Desktop. This means that we still work with your QuickBooks Pro from 2006 that is on your decade-old computer. If you have decided to wipe the dust off and upgrade to the cloud-based version of QuickBooks, then we have you covered as well. We offer integrations to both so all users have the option to choose what fits them the best with their employee time tracking needs.

Our Staff is Here to Help.

We offer a variety of resources for you and your staff to reference when integrating with QuickBooks. From videos and slideshows, to an actual human representative, we are here to help. We also offer phone, email and live chat support for your convenience.

Time clock and QuickBooks customer support.

QuickBooks Time Tracking That’s Simple and Easy To Use

Businesses have processed over 1/2 Billion hours with OnTheClock.