Time Card Notes Reporting

Time card note reporting by OnTheClock

Providing you with a convenient method of communication by seeing notes created by employees, administrators and managers is now available with OnTheClock’s Time Card Notes Reporting feature. Stay connected with your team and receive information inside your employees’ time cards. 

How to View Time Card Notes

PDF time card note reporting

We have designed a form of communication that requires very little effort for everyone involved. Your employees can quickly add a note on what they did for the day, where they worked or how long they worked at a specific location. Administrators and managers can add notes to reflect time cards adjustments and other information that is necessary for proper documentation. 

Viewing timecard note reports is very simple. Follow these steps below:

  • Once logged in as the Admin or Manager, click on Time Cards.
  • Select desired pay periods. Learn more how to set up pay periods here.
  • Click the More button on the right side of the time card menu and select Time Card Notes in the dropdown.

From here you will have the capability to review notes via PDF that were made on timecards. You will also have the option to print this information for a hard-copy. 

Why You Should Start Accessing Time Card Note Reports

Accessing time card notes will allow your organization to stay on the same page. Do you ever find yourself wondering the date an employee of yours was assigned to work a certain location or the reason why you had to make an adjustment for a time that an employee forgot to punch in? Time card note reporting will provide you with detailed information to reference as your company grows.

Improve Communication and Time Card Reports

Time card note reporting made simple for you and your team.