Use Fixed Scheduling to Improve Employee Attendance

Employee fixed scheduling feature.

Save time by auto-populating employees’ schedules to record their hours worked.

What is Fixed Scheduling?

Fixed scheduling is a feature that is great for your employees to have a set schedule that takes place every day. This scheduling technique eliminates a lot of problems and saves time. You may find yourself combing through paper documents trying to figure out the days each employee has worked. Or perhaps you are having a difficult time assigning employees their schedule.

With fixed scheduling, employers will be able to track when their employees are early, late, on time or not present at all. Employers will be able to download detailed activities and employee attendance reports right from their time clock account. Fixed scheduling is just one of OnTheClock’s attendance management options to choose from.

In addition to setting this feature for specific employees, you can also set the amount of breaks they take during the day, including their lunch break. Hours can easily be copied over from day to day saving time and improving accuracy. 

The Benefits to Investing in an Employee Scheduling Software

Spreadsheets, whiteboards and paper schedules are not only messy, but they can be challenging to maintain and are prone to errors. Below is a list of some popular benefits that companies experience when investing in employee scheduling software.

  • Staff members can conveniently access their schedule via mobile devices. 
  • Easily label shifts and assign them to employees. 
  • Use fixed scheduling to automatically populate employees with set shifts. 
  • Prevent confusion between you and your employees when it comes to shift scheduling. 
  • If set up, employees can see each other’s schedule in case they would like to swap shifts. This is usually not specified for fixed scheduling.

After schedules are set, employers can download reports with details pertaining to employee activities and attendance. This is a great way to manage employee hours clearly. 

What Type of Employees is Fixed Scheduling Typically Assigned To?

Fixed scheduling is typically used for employees who have a routine working schedule in place. For example, an employee who is a salaried employee may work the same shift every day. He or she may come in at 9 and leave at 5, Monday through Friday. In this case, fixed scheduling would be a great scheduling solution. Fixed scheduling is also ideal for hourly workers who have a set weekly schedule. 

How to Create a Fixed Schedule 

Creating a fixed schedule for your employees is very simple and time efficient.

  1. Choose the Scheduling tab once log into your time clock account.
  2. Select the Fixed Schedules option and then click Add Schedule.
  3. Name your schedule and enter how many breaks. 
  4. Enter the In and Out times for each day. 
  5. Lastly, apply these settings to your designated employees and save. 

Manage Your Employees' Attendance With Fixed Scheduling.

Scheduling made simple.