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Do you sometimes feel like technology is fighting against you instead of making your life easier? If you have noticed your employees struggling with the time card machine or if you have made a seemingly irreversible error in your software system, then you know how bad technology can slow your business down and create a negative experience for everyone involved. 

At OnTheClock, we wanted to create a tool that removed hurdles for you and your team members so everyone can record their hours and request PTO easily. This is why we offer our tool online instead of downloading messy software. We were one of the first web-based tools on the market in 2004 and have continued to improve our services with your needs in mind.   

The Future of the Employee Time Clock is Online

Companies are doing away with the clunky machines that punched time cards, but they’re also removing their more technologically-advanced counterparts. Instead of asking employees to scan or swipe their cards to clock in, time clocks are moving entirely online. Today, companies are more flexible because their team members are clocking in over wifi and sending their time records to the cloud. 

With a web-based time clock:

  • Employees can clock in wherever there is an internet connection. 
  • You never have to worry about software updates or hardware repairs. We take care of all the necessary updates on our end, and your system won’t get disrupted because of our work. 
  • All of your data is automatically backed up on the Cloud, making it easier to follow EEOC regulations
  • You can grant access (or remove it) with just a few clicks, protecting the integrity of your internal information. 
  • Administrators can manage time cards and employee data remotely as needed. 

Time management is easier for managers with an online tool while employees appreciate the clean and easy systems to clock in. After using our online option, most companies refuse to return to the clunky software systems with confusing hardware of previous years. 

Provide Mobile Check-In Options for Remote Employees

Today’s workforce is increasingly mobile. Globally, 70% of people work away from the office at least one day per week. This trend of remote work has allowed companies to grow by hiring top talent across the country while saving money on office space that would just house empty desks. Additionally, many professions (ranging from real estate to HVAC repair) rely on workers to travel around the community to do their work. 

When employees are out of the office they still need to clock in and out. By giving your staff access to a time clock on their phones or tablets, you can track their hours without taking away the flexibility of remote work. Your staff will appreciate the flexibility and you can get the completed time sheets you need. 

Mobile Check-In Features are Optional

While many of our customers appreciate the mobile clock-in option, we understand that certain security issues or employee time tracking needs may make this a liability for your company. This is why we make mobile check-in an optional feature. You can easily turn off this option if you need your staff to clock in from their office computers or other designated devices. 

If you’re concerned that your employees are clocking in on devices that they shouldn’t, you can see the exact type of device that individual employees use to clock in. Click into the time cards section of our interface, select an employee from your list, and hover over the “in” and “out” icons to bring up a description of the action, including the device. This provides you with clear information on the devices your employees use, showing how they clock in and out within your company. 

No More Hardware Repairs and Software Updates

A broken time clock system can create weeks of backlogged records that need to get added to timesheets and approved for payroll. Even if your system is only down for a few hours, your HR team could get overwhelmed with manual updates and adjustments. At OnTheClock, we realized that by updating our system from the back end, we could limit downtime and take the burden of repairs and maintenance off of our customers. 

When you use our system, you will never have to set aside time for updates or installations. We handle the functionality, you just use our tools. 

Geofencing Prevents Time Theft 

While many employers appreciate how employees can clock in from their phones if they are at a conference or on a sales call, others want to make sure their staff members aren’t clocking in on their commutes or cutting their lunch short by checking in on the road. 

We want you to take advantage of OnTheClock’s ease of use without the liability of employee time theft. This is why we allow for geofence capabilities. You can create a limit around your campus or office building where employees can clock in and clock out. This way your team members can still clock in from their phones, but only if they just walked through the door.

You can set up a geofence for multiple locations, accounting for each of your satellite offices or franchises where your team members work. OnTheClock can also allow for time tracking via IP address, so your employees have to be connected to your businesses’ WiFi in order to clock in. This is an alternative to setting up a geofence.    

Manage Your Employees From Your Phone

The online and mobile options offered by OnTheClock benefit employees, but they also make management easier. Our time clock mobile app is available for Android and Apple devices. You can spend less time checking to see which employees clocked in because that information is right at your fingertips. You can see who is in the office and where they are if they clocked in remotely. Furthermore, you can also update timesheets, approve PTO, and make adjustments to payroll from your phone or tablet. 

This gives you, as an administrator or manager, more flexibility to travel and work on the road. Your employees don’t have to wait for you to return to the office to make changes to their timesheets and payroll. You can make the update during a conference or remote training.  

An online timeclock benefits employees and managers equally. When your employees can easily clock in and record their hours, you get better time cards. You have fewer errors to fix – and can fix them with just a few clicks.

Conveniently Access Your Time Clock Account From Anywhere

OnTheClock has helped over 15,000 companies track over a half billion hours worked.