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Some Cool Features

Dead simple yet powerful employee time tracking!

Employee GPS

GPS Location Control

Hold employees accountable and honest by recording employee punch locations. Know who is punched in/out and from where they have punched in/out. Choose from a variety of options that employees can clock in and out.

Payroll Integration

Payroll Reporting Integration

Software that produces accurate time cards for employee payroll reporting. Seamless integrations and support with payroll providers such as Quickbooks, Gusto, Accounting CS, Paychex and ADP - to name a few. Keep your company in the green by tracking hours for payroll accurately.

OnTheClock Payroll Integration
On The Clock Mobile Time Card Details On The Clock Mobile Punch Locations On The Clock Mobile Punch Clock
Mobile Apps

Mobile Time Clock App For Employees

Take your business on the go by downloading our free employee time clock app. See hours worked, review PTO, check who’s on the clock, and more.

Employee PTO

Paid Time Off Tracking

Easily track employees’ paid time off without guessing. Create PTO allotments or accruals with start/end dates. Employees can request time off, managers will then approve or deny the time.

OnTheClock - PTO - Paid Time Off Tracking Request
OnTheClock - PTO - PTO - Paid Time Off Tracking Current
OnTheClock - PTO - PTO - Paid Time Off Tracking Settings

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