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Hard Times Home Improvement Customer Success Story

Hard Times Home Improvement

Customer Success with OnTheClock

"It’s just plug and play.”


Like many new businesses, Hard Times Home Improvement and Cleaning Service kept track of employee hours by paper. “It was really crazy,” Lillian Gadowski-DeLong says, who runs the business with her husband. There had to be a better way, so Lillian looked for a solution that not only saved time, but also worked with QuickBooks and maintained accurate employee overtime records.


After a client recommended OnTheClock, Lillian was pleasantly surprised with the online time sheet’s business-friendly features, especially its affordability. “We like the cost!” says Lillian, who pays $12 a month for a half dozen or so employees in Roseville, Michigan. While the first month of service was free, the company wasn’t billed until the end of the second month, a bonus for a small business that keeps tracks of every penny. “It felt like the second month was free, too,” Lillian says.


Setting up OnTheClock for the residential and commercial cleaning services company was simple. “It’s like a data-entry program. You just fill in the blanks.” OnTheClock also lets Lillian tailor the online time sheet to her business needs, using the customer’s address as the job name. When her cleaning crew punches in and out of a job, they select the type of work performed from a dropdown list of services entered by Lillian. “It’s easier to do payroll that way.”


Lillian also sorts and filters employee hours by job name, which she exports to an Excel spreadsheet. “It tells me how many hours they worked all day, their amounts due and the time and location of their punches.” If she needs to modify a time sheet, OnTheClock makes that easy, too. “Only the administrator can make the edits.”


Employees can peek at total hours worked using OnTheClock’s smartphone app, a convenience for those who like to keep tabs on their own overtime. They also use the app to clock in and out of their jobs, a feature monitored by GPS that prevents fraudulent punches.


Lillian sends group messages to her employees using OnTheClock’s messaging app, and she gets a text when employees punch in and out. “It’s very specific – it tells me their name, time of their punch and the date. I like that part,” Lillian says. Though she hasn’t used group punching yet, she says they will try that next.


Lillian got a surprise phone call from customer support specialist Dallas two weeks after “liking” OnTheClock’s Facebook page. “He said, ‘You are our winner from February, and we have some items for you.’” Soon after, she received a Starbucks gift card, a Google gift card, a backpack and some stickers. “It was so unexpected,” Lillian says, but a nice personal touch to complement the business-friendly features and affordability of OnTheClock’s online timesheet.