Hard Times Home Improvement Customer Success Story

Hard Times Home Improvement Accurately Tracks Time

Lillian needed a system that would keep track of overtime hours automatically. She no longer wanted to have to add up hours manually.


Time Tracking Accuracy


Roseville, Michigan

Hard Times Home Improvement

Tell us about you

Lillian Gadowski-DeLong runs Hard Times Home Improvement with her husband. They are a small business located in Roseville, Michigan. Their company goal is always to provide the best customer satisfaction and offer quality home repairs at affordable prices.

The challenges you faced

    Payroll integration

    Lillian was already using QuickBooks and needed a system to integrate with her payroll service. Lillian's primary consideration while searching for a new way to track hours was integration capabilities so that she wouldn't need to change payroll services.

    Accurate Overtime

    She needed a system that would keep track of overtime hours automatically. She no longer wanted to have to add up hours manually.

    Organizing hours by job

    Hard Times Home Improvements focuses on home repairs. She knew she was looking for a system that would offer functionality to track the job. This way, she could quickly look at her clients and see how many hours it took to complete a job, helping budget project costs.

    Open Communication

    Employees can be at various places, so communication must be open. Lillian needed a system that allowed her to message employees throughout the day to see progress or to give important updates.

“Tracking hours with paper was crazy.”

Lillian Verified Customer

How OnTheClock helped

After a few searches, Lillian found OnTheClock. The integration with QuickBooks helped her decide to move forward because sending time cards would be seamless and increase accuracy. She was able to set up OnTheClock quickly, "It's like a data-entry program. You fill in the blanks." She added in job selection for job and costing purposes. Her team selects the job they are working on and clocks in because "It's easier to do payroll that way," she said. OnTheClock has made it simple for Lillian to download an Excel spreadsheet and review how many hours an employee worked for the day, the amount owed, and the time and location of the punches. At times communication with the team about jobs is necessary, and Lillian has found use in global messaging to send out essential job details to everyone. The convenience of the mobile app has offered her employees the benefit of seeing their recorded hours in real-time, significantly reducing the questions surrounding hours worked for a pay period.

"It's very specific – it tells me their name, time of their punch, and the date"
- Lillian

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