How to Cancel Your Account

Only an administrator of the account can cancel the account. We have a formal way to request cancellation of the account that our staff must follow. If you fail to follow these instructions then your account may not be closed.

  1. The Administrator of the account logs in
  2. Click on Change Billing Info or hover over the Settings button and choose Billing Info
  3. Click on the Edit Payment button
  4. Then you will see the Close My Account button next to the Save Information button.
  5. Click on the Close My Account button
  6. Fill out the Information required 
  7. Then click on the "Close My Account" button


When we cancel the account we will send an email that your account was canceled.


  1. If you cancel the Service before the 14th day of the month, your cancellation will take effect immediately and you will not be charged again. If you cancel on or after the 14th day of the month you will be billed for that month before your account is canceled.
  2. After the account has been canceled you will not have access to any time cards or employee information. We highly recommend that you download all pay periods before you cancel the account so you have a record on hand and make note of any employee information you may need.



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