Set Up the Locations and Geo-Fence Your Employees May Punch From

Benefit to the OnTheClock User

You may add your business locations or locations employees are to punch in and out from using their phone, computer or tablet.  After setting up the locations, click here to learn about setting up the devices to be used.  Note that location is captured at time of punch, the employee is not tracked during the day.

To Set Up Locations

  1. Log in as the administrator.
  2. Click “Settings” at the top of the screen.
  3. Select “Locations”.
  4. Click the “New Location” button.
  5. Enter the name of the location you wish to use.
  6. Click “Create Mobile GPS Punch Location” from red to green if you would like to see on a map where employees are punching in and out.
  7. Enter the address employees are to punch at in the bar at the top of the map.
  8. Select the “Proximity” or the distance in meters from your address you would like the employee to be allowed to punch at.
  9. Click “Save”.



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