Set Up the Locations and Geo-Fence Your Employees May Punch From

Set Up Locations or Geofences to Restrict Employees

Log in as the administrator → click “Settings” at the top of the screen → select “Locations”→ click the “New Location” button → enter the name of the location you wish to use→ click “Create Mobile GPS Punch Location” from red to green → enter the address employees are to punch at in the bar at the top of the map→ select the “proximity” or the distance in meters to vreate a geofence around the location→ click “Save”.

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Frequent Questions

Yes, geofences are a great way to enter multiple business locations to lock employees down. It can be various business buildings or even sites they often work at.
Yes, we do have an option to enable "GPS App Tracking" to learn more about this feature check out "What's Next" below.

What's Next

App GPS Tracking

Learn how to set up GPS tracking.

Device Restrictions

Choose the device or browser to punch from on the location and security tab.

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