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OnTheClock offers a free time clock app for active people who are on the run. With the app, employees can clock in and out right on their phone from authorized locations. Authorized locations may be geo-location(GPS) based or IP based, or any combination of the two. You can even lock a particular employee down to only his/her own phone, this eliminates buddy punching. Employees can also request PTO using the app, they can even see the allotted, used and remaining PTO.

Employers can also use the app for simple tasks such as editing or adding employees. You can also view and adjust employee punches and time cards. There is also a handy clock map, this may will show the mapped location where your employee clocked in/out from. Jobs and departments can be adjusted using the mobile time clock app.

One additional option you have to turn an inexpensive tablet into a wall mounted time clock. An $80 Android tablet can be purchased, the OnTheClock app is free. The app has a special mode called group punch, when group punch is enabled the tablet becomes a simple time clock for employees.


               Employee Time Card  

Employee Time Card Details

This screen in the app allows admins and managers to view and edit time cards and punches. Users can also drill down into time cards and punch logs.

Employee GPS Punch Map

You have the option of recording employee punch locations using the app. When GPS tracking is turned on for the employee, the app automatically saves GPS position to the employee punch.

                                    Time Clock With GPS
            Manage Your Business In The App

Manage Your Business In The App

Forgot to add a new hire after you left the office? Not a problem, pop open the time clock app and add her in seconds.

Adjust Other Settings

Add Employees, Managers, Departments and Jobs on the go. You can also adjust account settings such as pay period type, punch rounding and much more.

                                   Employee Time Clock Dashboard