Time Tracking for Retail

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Time Tracking for Retail

Outsource your staff’s time management with the automated time clock designed to boost productivity. Our software handles scheduling, real-time communication, and live jobsite tracking to make everyone’s workday easy and predictable.

Time Tracking for Retail

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What’s In Store

Track hours worked with cloud-based technology. OnTheClock’s streamlined system promotes transparency and prevents productivity loss, with features designed to boost worker visibility while creating your most accurate timesheets yet.


A Real-Time Attendance Solution

  • Manage attendance and view employee locations with Who’s In
  • Eliminate buddy punching with features like punch restrictions and biometric clock-ins
  • Send clock-in reminders, overtime alerts, and automated attendance reports
Accurate Time Off Tracking
Send clock-in reminders, overtime alerts, and automated attendance reports

Make Schedules Predictable

  • The Key to Good Management
    Drag-and-drop shifts to create schedules in seconds
  • View time off for vacations and illness with our PTO Calendar
  • Email new and updated schedules directly to your employees

Keep Payroll On Point

  • GPS tracking
    Automated timesheets for your most accurate paychecks ever
  • Integrate with your favorite payroll provider software
  • Stay compliant with customizable overtime and PTO settings
Make Schedules Predictable

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