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Time Management for Remoters

Remoters, also known as remote employees, are individuals who work away from an office or building where their place of employment resides. Time management for remoters is often difficult to track because they do not use a time clock at work like most employees. Remoters can forget their exact amount of hours worked and just report an estimated amount of weekly hours to their employers or they could use the punch rounding method which can cost companies a lot of money over time.

But what if I told you that there is a way to help with time management for remoters? In this article you will learn time management tips on how it is possible for remote employees to provide accurate time tracking records for payroll, and the actual remote employee will be able to know exactly what their hours are for the pay period.

Remote working is becoming more common

Many companies throughout the United States are adopting Remoters as part of their employment options. Some employers find it to be a way to save from having to rent additional office space for employees. As we all know, renting office space can be very expensive. Also, telecommuting has become popular with younger generations since technology has given the tools needed for certain jobs to work from home. According to a study, an outstanding 68 percent of millenials that are seeking employment said the option to work remotely would greatly increase their interest with employers.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2016, 22 percent of employees did some of their work from home. With this number increasing, it is expected to become the future for many employees in the United States and other places in the world.

Why proper time management is important for Remoters

Although there are many benefits to remote working, there can also be some disadvantages. Some of these disadvantages arise when it comes to properly tracking employees’ hours. An employer may want to know the exact hours for payroll purposes and since the remote worker is not physically present at the office then it could cause confusion or miscalculation in time card reporting. Small business owners know and understand how important payroll accuracy is when it comes to staying within payroll budgets.

Just as it is important for employers, it is just as important for employees to be paid for their time worked. If weekly hours are not being tracked and calculated accurately then this could cause an employee to be underpaid. Aside from this being unfair to the employee, it could harm their financial situation. If he or she is budgeting their lifestyle based on a specific salary and they are not being paid accordingly, then the employee could face some unexpected financial hardship.

It is also important for employees and employers to have proper and accurate time card records in the event of an audit. This could help save a lot of headaches and help protect your assets depending on the extent of the audit or other law related reasons behind why these documents are being requested.

Using an online time clock as a solution for calculating remote employees’ time cards

So what can you do as a business owner or a Remoter when it comes to solving your time tracking needs? The answer, try an online time clock system that allows hours to be logged through the web and securely tracked. After each workweek the total amount of hours that the employee has worked will be automatically calculated and ready to be sent off to payroll for completely accurate paychecks.

Remote workers will be able to clock in during the beginning of their day and clock out at the end of their day. This will help both parties on the administrative side (business owners/managers) and the Remoter’s side (employees) to understand where they are for hours worked in a week. It also helps business owners gain a peace of mind knowing how much work is being accomplished from their remote employee based on the amount of hours recorded on the time cards. This is a question that business owners often wonder when having employees work from home. 


OnTheClock offers a web-based time clock service that allows time tracking to become simple and easy. You can have your account setup and running in just a few minutes. Since the time clock system is a software as a service product this means that you will not have to download anything to use it. The only part of the service that you may want to download is the mobile app. This free mobile time clock app can be used for employees to punch in and out, users to access their account and conveniently checking time cards. With a variety of features and settings, OnTheClock is designed to fit the needs for any small business and their employees.

Try an online time clock for free

Since all businesses are not created equally, this is why a 30 day free trial is offered to those who want to explore a web-based time clock, but are not completely sure if it is worth the investment. Although the cost is inexpensive and fairly cheap, we understand that your time is valuable and every dollar counts when you are staying within a company budget.

In addition to a free trial, you will also receive the same perks as a paying customer does.

  • Free customer support
  • Unlimited employees on file
  • No setup fees
  • Free phone training sessions
  • Unlimited punches
  • No cancellation fees
  • Unlimited Admins and Managers
  • Free employee scheduling

As you can see, OnTheClock offers great benefits for you to start tracking time for Remoters, so sign up today and see why over 7,000 customer loves us!


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