Employee Time Clock

The Easy-To-Use Employee Time Clock

Eliminate time tracking headaches with the time clock that’s designed to be simple

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Biometric fingerprint punching for your web time clock

The employee time clock
that’s built to save you time

Improve payroll efficiency

Time Savings

Automatically generate timesheets and export to your payroll software in seconds

Improve payroll efficiency


Send reminders to your team to clock in – and see at a glance who’s in and who’s out

Improve payroll efficiency


Employees can view time totals at any time, so they know their information is accurate

Improve payroll efficiency

Time Theft

With GPS controls, you can stop worrying about falsified timecards

Improve payroll efficiency


Say goodbye to timesheet errors, payroll mistakes, and penalties

Give your team options
and make clocking in easy

All industries can use our fingerprint reader

Clock in on mobile

Make signing in a snap with our iOS and Android apps. And with GPS controls, you’ll be confident your team is only signing in when they’re actually at work.

Clock in as a group

With group punch, managers and supervisors can sign in your whole team in seconds. All you need is a mobile device.

Easily set up a device for employees to punch
Biometric technology

Clock in with your fingerprint

Eliminate time theft with our biometric fingerprint sign-in. Your team can sign in with the tap of a finger… and you’ll have confidence they’re on site when they’re on the clock.

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Easy to use features, world class support

I absolutely love this program. It is such an easy, clean, and accurate way to track what hours my employees actually work without relying on an old punch card clock. I can print out punch cards, go back in the archives and see any work week in the past. And there is no question as to what hours were worked. All this for $10 per month for my office. So worth it.

- Scott LOnTheClock Customer

Clock in anywhere. Track hours. Stop time theft. Make time tracking effortless with OnTheClock.

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