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Get a full-featured time tracking and payroll platform and save hundreds of hours a year

Mobile phone with time tracking tablets & iPad for time clock Time clock for desktop

Clock in from anywhere

Your team can clock in on any device with OnTheClock. Office workers can clock in from their desktop. Deskless workers can sign in on mobile. And supervisors can use group punch for the whole team all at once. You choose what works best for your team.

  • Make clocking in easy with automatic breaks and punch reminders
  • Track time by job, project, or customer with just a few clicks
  • Plan your week in seconds with simple, drag-and-drop scheduling

See what’s happening instantly

Never wonder who showed up to work today again. Check Who’s In and see who’s on the clock in real time. And use messaging and surveys to quickly check in with your team.

  • Easily assign employee, manager, and admin permission levels
  • Use messaging and surveys to quickly communicate with your entire team
  • Get a weekly time summary and view timesheets with weekly reports
Time sheet showing in and out times
Image depicting how a time clock works Biometric Time Clock Online Time clock with GPS tracking

You’re in control

Get rid of time theft for good. With security features like device authorization and advanced GPS controls, you’ll always be confident your employees are on the job when they’re on the clock.

  • Stop buddy punching with secure fingerprint sign in
  • Use time controls to prevent clock-ins outside specified times
  • Control where employees can clock in with GPS controls

Do payroll in just a few clicks

Stop spending hours every week on payroll. Approve timesheets in seconds and send them to your HR software in just a few clicks… and make paying your people a breeze.

time card with Jacobs name Options for printing and exporting time data

Get world-class support whenever you need it

Reach out for fast, expert help with any issue, any time by phone, email or chat. With OnTheClock, you’ll get the best customer support you’ll find anywhere.

Easy to use features, world class support

I absolutely love this program. It is such an easy, clean, and accurate way to best track what hours my employees actually work without relying on an old punch card clock that I have to monkey with. I can print out punch cards and disburse with paychecks and there is no question as to what hours were worked. I can go back in the archives and see any work week in the past too. All of this for roughly $10 per month for my office. So well worth it.

ScottOnTheClock Customer

Clock in anywhere. Track hours. Do payroll in seconds.
Make time tracking effortless with OnTheClock.

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