Creating a Clear Schedule for Easy Employee Management

Juggling schedules can be a challenge for a manager who wants to keep all of their shifts fairly covered. From last-minute call-outs to overworked staff members, some team leads spend hours each day pouring over their schedules and making sure everything lines up.

We believe you should spend less time creating schedules and more time leading your employees. This is why we created clean, accessible scheduling tools for hourly employees and salaried workers. 

Why Should You Invest in Scheduling Software?

Many admins and managers still rely on paper schedules, whiteboards, and spreadsheets to manage their employees. This makes it hard to track employee hours and even harder to turn shifts into payroll. Our web-based system was made to help both employers and employees quickly check their shifts. A few benefits of using OnTheClock’s scheduling feature include:

  • You can label certain shifts and easily assign them to employees. 
  • Managers can make sure employees have fair shifts and each team member is assigned a certain number of hours. 
  • Employees with fixed shifts (like salaried employees) can have their schedules auto-populate, saving you time recording their hours. 
  • Your staff can check their schedules from their mobile devices. This prevents confusion when a schedule changes or shifts are switched. 
  • Employees can see each other’s schedules (if you set that ability). This makes it easier for team members to swap shifts or cover for each other if they need to.

With these features, your employees can spend less time sweating over their shifts, which means you will spend less time rescheduling their hours. 

Define Shifts for Team Members to Work

Start setting up the hours for employees within our Scheduling tab. Click on Schedule Settings, where you can define your shifts. This allows you to label certain names and times to your shifts. If your team members follow specific, regular shifts, you can use this feature to easily assign employees to these time slots. This saves time from adding specific hours each week.

Copy Shifts Across Multiple Dates and Employees

Once your employees are added to your system and your shifts are defined, it only takes a few seconds to assign hours to your employees. Within the Scheduling tab, select the employee who you want to assign a shift to. You can select one of your pre-determined shifts or create unique hours depending on the needs of your team members.

From here, you have two options: you can either save the shift and create another for a different employee or duplicate the shifts across multiple days and team members. Simply hit “Copy Shift” and then scroll down to add extra information. 

This way, if one employee, “John,” works the morning shift four days per week, you can schedule him out within the same window. You can also add multiple employees to work with him on that morning shift.

Manage Employee Hours Clearly

Underneath each employee, you can see how many hours they are scheduled for that week. This allows you to fairly balance hours across your staff, so each team member has a chance to earn money. This clarity also prevents you from giving your team members overtime unless you want to offer it. Finally, if one of your employees calls out or needs their schedule shifted, you can see who has some extra hours available and who might be interested in picking up an extra shift or two. 

Add Fixed Scheduling for Certain Employees

Not all employees pick up shifts and have flexible schedules. Some employees work set hours every week, and may even be salaried instead of hourly. OnTheClock makes it easy to manage both your flexible and fixed employees with the Fixed Scheduling tab. 

Not only will you be able to set the fixed hours for specific employees, but you can also set the number of breaks they take throughout the day and lunch. You can copy these hours over several days, which means you can set up fixed hours for employees easily. 

You can set certain employees to have fixed hours, or you can apply the hours to all of your team members. This option is ideal if you have multiple salaried employees but still want to track their hours.

Additional Scheduling Features

Enjoy our latest employee scheduling features that will help provide your team with a simple solution for attendance tracking. Conveniently see how many hours an employee has for their assigned schedule by simply looking to the left of the main page for a preview of hours that are scheduled.

Assign and color code

Our time clock schedule also allows you the option to assign jobs, customers, projects, and tasks to reflect what the employee’s job is. OnTheClock also offers you with a color chart that is associated with a specific label to make it easier when assigning employees to the proper department. 

See details by hovering over employees’ names

If you need to quickly see the details for a specific employee such as which department he or she is working, simply hover over their name on the schedule and see the information without wasting time or leaving the scheduling page. 

Simple editing and adjustment options

Our updated employee scheduling features are designed for an improved experience. In the event something comes up and you need to make proper adjustments, the simplicity to edit the schedule right from the main page without exiting makes for scheduling accuracy and time savings.

Let Your Employees Easily Access Their Schedules

OnTheClock is meant to be a convenient tool for employers as well as their employers. With our mobile app, your employees can check their schedules to know when they’re expected to arrive at work. They can also use their mobile devices to request time off, either through a schedule change or through PTO usage. 

This is an immediate upgrade from using paper schedules or spreadsheets to log employee hours. Your team members will never follow an outdated sheet because they never got the new schedule. The schedules are automatically updated within our app or mobile site as soon as management logs them. 

Employees can also see the schedules of their co-workers unless you turn off this feature. If a team member needs to call in sick, they can ask their peers to switch schedules so your business is still covered. This takes the stress away from team leads and managers who don’t have to figure out who will work and when.  

At OnTheClock, we made our Scheduling tab simple and clean. We know that you don’t have time to learn a convoluted scheduling system and your employees won’t use something they don’t understand. By designing tools with your team in mind, we can create something valuable.

Shift Scheduling Has Never Been Easier

OnTheClock has helped over 15,000 companies track over a half billion hours worked.