Benefits of using a Time Tracking Mobile App

There are so many solutions to choose from as far as tracking employees’ time. Some people use a program on a desktop computer that allows their employees to punch in and out, some use a fingerprint scanner, or even a facial recognition clock. It is important to find a time tracking applications that best suits your business needs and your company's culture. What if your employees are rarely in office? You might wonder if there is still a simple and effective time tracking system that could work for you. 

Time tracking through a Mobile app

If your business is in need of a more on the go approach, it may be time to consider a time tracking app that is designed for mobile devices. This will allow your employees the flexibility they need to clock in and out but also give you control over what they can and cannot do. 

Security restrictions

One thing a mobile app offers is GPS tracking. This is a really great feature to look for in your mobile app, you will be able to see an employee’s location when clocking in and out or even be able to restrict them to a geofenced area. Geofencing is where you set up a proximity around a location. 

At OnTheClock, we allow you to enter various locations and create a geofence so you can lock an employee from punching in and out if they are not where they need to be. We will map out the latitude and longitude of your location and you can then choose the proximity of that location where employees are allowed to clock in from. 

Sometimes locking them down isn’t the best method, especially if employees are constantly on the go. We also have a rule that says , “ Record GPS and require GPS to punch”. This rule is a little less restrictive but your employee will need to share their location with OnTheClock in order to punch in. This way you can look on your Punch map and see where an employee was when they clocked in. This can be viewed right from your phone, which means you don’t need to be where your employee is to check on them. 

Check schedules on the go

Time tracking also ties in with schedules, typically employees find out their schedule when they go into the office. With a mobile app that allows for scheduling, an employee can have their schedule right in their hand at any time. In OnTheClock when you publish your completed schedule the employee will be notified by email. They can then login and select the schedule button and see what they work instantly. This feature eliminates the need for the employee to come into work first , instead they can just know where they need to go for the day.

Request time off

Paid time off is another feature that you are able to track with OnTheClock’s mobile app. Employees select the button that says ‘PTO’ and they are able to make a request through the system with the amount of hours they wish to take off on a certain day and then submit it to the Administrators and Managers for approval. This also allows them to view what remaining PTO they have, as well as approved and denied requests. 

Mobile apps are user friendly

In comparison to a website where there are often a lot of bells and whistles,an app typically gets the job done with far less tools. The interface is simple and easy to follow making the user experience even better. If your employees only need basic functionality, like punching in and out and viewing their hours then an app is perfect. 

OnTheClock’s app is very straightforward. An employee just needs to login with their username and password and they will see the options available to them right on the screen. The app is free to download from the App Store or the Google Play store. The app is currently available on IOS and Android devices.

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