See Who’s In and On The Clock

Visually see who is on the clock


Hot desking and remote work have made it harder than ever for managers to keep track of their employees. Is that desk empty because Steve went to the bathroom or because he’s working remotely today? Which employees are in meetings and which ones are on vacation? 

At OnTheClock, one of our top features is the Who’s In page, which allows managers to see which employees have clocked in. This is valuable for hourly employee time tracking, but it also benefits your salaried employees. They won’t receive calls or emails from the boss after they clock out, while you can see that they still worked a full eight-hour shift. 

Check out a few key features of the Who’s In page so you can get the most out of this feature.

You can see which employees are clocked in

Know Which Employees Have Clocked In 

With this clean interface, you can easily see who is at work and who hasn’t arrived yet. Don’t spend your time looking for an employee who isn’t in that day or walking through the office mentally taking attendance.

OnTheClock also allows managers and administrators to record at what time employees have clocked in so they can see who regularly walks in late or who keeps skipping their lunch hour.

This feature is particularly useful if you are a manager who is checking in on multiple teams. Perform a quick attendance check, or look up the status of a specific employee. Even if your organization has hundreds of team members, you can look up a select few with just a couple of clicks.   

Easily Manage Your Remote Employees

Employee time tracking saves you more than just a lap around the office. It can immensely help you track team members who are working from home, who are on a sales trip, or who are working remotely a few states away. Use our interface to see who is clocked in from your remote team before you send them an email or pick up the phone. 

One of the top benefits of a web-based system is that your team members can clock in and out on their own devices. This saves your HR team hours of timesheet management when handling remote teams. If a staff member needs to stay home for a day, their hours still get logged correctly.    

Manually Clock Team Members in and Out

Administrators and managers can also use our online system to make corrections to timesheets before they get sent to HR. You can manually clock your team members in and clock them out if you need to. 

For example, if one employee forgets to clock in while at a conference, their manager can clock them in manually so their hours get recorded and the team member gets paid. Fewer timesheet errors lead to fewer payroll errors so your employees get paid correctly for their hard work.    

See a GPS Map of Employee Activity

As an added bonus feature for using OnTheClock, you can also get a geographic view of where your employees are through the use of a GPS map. This is an essential tool if you manage multiple locations or if your team members work from different spots during the day. Please note that employees can rest assured that we do not track their location when the app is not being used. Their personal life stays personal. 

There are many practical benefits to using this feature. For example, if you run a cleaning company, you can see where team members are so you know they clocked in at their first assignment for the day. You can also see which time zone employees are working from in order to better understand when they are likely to take lunch or clock out for the day. 

Spend Less Time Managing and More Time Leading

No one starts a business because they enjoy micro-managing employees. The time spent taking attendance, seeing who is taking PTO, and monitoring where everyone is adds up. A few minutes here and there could collectively take a couple of hours out of your day. Our Who’s In tab gives you back that time. You can get your answers quickly and focus more on the big-picture aspects of leadership. 

Work to grow your employees through training and upskilling rather than wasting your time monitoring them. Improve operations so you can better accomplish your goals rather than enforcing attendance policies. Get back the parts of leadership that attracted you to that position in the first place.   

The Who’s In page is a simple feature offered by OnTheClock, but it is still one of our most popular. You can get a clear view of your team with just one click, saving you the confusion and effort of trying to figure out where everyone is. 

Always Know Who Is OnTheClock

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