Time Tracking Solution For Staffing Companies

Time clock for staffing and temp companies

Staffing and temp agencies face the struggle of not being able to track employee hours worked accurately. With the use of a modern time tracking system, staffing companies can conveniently and properly collect time data across numerous locations. 

OnTheClock offers a cloud-based time tracking solution that will provide accurate time cards, real-time punching, PTO tracking, GPS tracking, and more. Staffing and temp agencies will increase productivity and improve their payroll process by the use of a powerful time tracking solution.


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Temp agency collecting time data

Collecting Accurate Time

Employees’ time data is automatically recorded when they clock in/out  and stored in your time clock account. This information is reflected on an employee’s time card for accurate payroll processing. Staffing employers have the option to allow their employees to punch in and out via desktop, laptop, tablet or through the mobile time clock app.

Conveniently Access Time Tracking

Since OnTheClock’s time clock system is cloud-based, time data can be accessed from anywhere in the world with a wifi, internet or mobile data connection. Employers no longer have to handle paper timesheets and excel files.

Cloud-based time clock
GPS punch map

Know Who is On The Clock

Conveniently see who is on the clock and who is not. Additionally, employers can have a visual of where employees are punching from with GPS tracking features. These GPS time clock features include Geofencing, live GPS tracking, punch location map, and more.

Integrate Time Cards With Payroll

OnTheClock integrates with popular payroll providers such as QuickBooks, ADP, Paychex and more. Staffing companies can streamline their payroll process with just a few clicks by quickly sending their employees’ time cards to their payroll provider of choice. This will ensure temp employees are paid accurately and on-time.

 Time card integration for payroll
Track employee hours worked 

Track Employee Hours Worked From Any Job

Staffing agencies supply businesses in numerous locations with temporary employees. It is important to track the amount of hours worked for the staffing company to properly bill the employer who hired the temp agency. Each location may bill at a different rate and this is why using a time tracking system that can identify who worked where and for how long is so important.

OnTheClock Provides Time Tracking to Staffing and Temp Agencies

OnTheClock has helped over 15,000 companies track employee hours worked.