How to Introduce Employees to GPS Tracking

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Employee GPS tracking is known to provide small businesses with many benefits. As a result of GPS tracking, you can expect to understand where your employees are located when they are clocking in and out, improving job costing and time efficiency. 

Introducing GPS to your employees can be challenging. They may feel as if their privacy is being invaded or that their employer does not trust them. The most effective way to successfully introduce GPS tracking to your employees is being honest and transparent for the reasoning why. We have designed this guide to provide you with the best solution on how to introduce GPS tracking to your team. 

Put Your Employees First

Before deciding on a system that uses employees’ GPS location, you should consider what is best for them. Although the goal is to improve your business, your employees are a huge factor in your company’. By putting employees first and choosing the best solution, you will gain trust and allow your employees to feel comfortable. Similar to introducing time tracking to employees, a time clock system with GPS will improve workflow and productivity since GPS is automated once it is enabled.

Find out how you can have a positive impact on your company as a whole by introducing GPS tracking to your employees.  

How to Introduce GPS to Your Employees

OnTheClock has helped over 15,000 companies in 44 countries with employee GPS tracking. We have used our knowledge to complete a step-by-step guide on successfully introducing GPS to your employees.

1. Explain the purpose of GPS tracking

Employees deserve to know and understand the reasoning behind the new GPS tracking system. It is vital for the employer to kindly explain the company’s goals that are being set and how GPS tracking can achieve them. Also, make it known how important your employees are to making the company successful. Since employees may feel like this is invading their privacy, you will need to explain how this is not to tool to micromanage. If you have employees who need to be micromanaged, then chances are they should not be working for you.

By explaining the purpose and company goals, employees will be more likely to understand and agree with the change. It is important to provide examples that need to be addressed and follow up with why GPS is the solution.

2. Mention the benefits for the company and employees

Employees must understand how GPS tracking will benefit them. Create a document full of benefits to give each employee, so they have a visual copy. Visualizing can help provide the motivation needed for them to be accepting of the change. We have listed some expected benefits that employees will experience. 

  • It’s easy to use.
  • Mobile-device friendly.
  • Allows employees to know if they are at the proper job location.
  • Employees will have proof they are where they are supposed to be.
  • Reduced paperwork. Employees can have their GPS recorded from their punch location instead of writing it down. 
  • Improved time card accuracy by allowing employers to know when employees start and end their day.
  • It helps to improve work efficiency, which could reflect on evaluations and raises.
  1. Choose a quality system and show employees how to use it

Choosing a time clock system with GPS tracking needs to fit your business and its goals. The GPS tracking feature must provide accuracy and reliability - you and your employees will be relying on this for many day-to-day tasks. It is imperative to select a system that offers a free trial. A trial will allow you and your staff to see if it is going to be beneficial. OnTheClock provides a 30-day free trial to assist with the transitioning phase.


During this time, you will need to demonstrate how the new system operates and functions. Employees are more accepting of a change when they understand what to expect. During this time, have your employees test it out to ensure everything is working correctly. Our helpful videos were created to provide you with detailed information on using our time clock system with GPS tracking features.

4. Answer questions with honest and accurate answers

Your employees will be interested to learn more about the GPS tool. Allow plenty of time for them to ask questions. This will allow your team to feel valued and will enable them to express their thoughts and ideas. Additionally, it will allow you to cover any topics missed.

By doing your research and becoming familiar with the product, you will undoubtedly be equipped to answer questions accurately. Your goal in this step is to keep the trust of your employees, and this can be accomplished by giving honest and accurate feedback.

What You Should do After Introducing Employees to GPS Tracking

After an employer has introduced GPS tracking to their employees, they should monitor the progress it has on their business. Is the new tool providing you with the solution you hoped it would? Are your employees having a positive experience? Keeping up with the results will allow you and your team to make sure the company is experiencing every benefit possible. It is also important to update yourself on how your employees’ GPS journey is coming along. Check on them from time to time and gather feedback. 

GPS technology has tremendously helped many businesses throughout the years. Companies can benefit from GPS tracking features provided by OnTheClock. Employee management will become easier and more convenient while improving your company’s productivity.

OnTheClock Provides GPS Features

OnTheClock has helped over 15,000 companies use GPS tracking.

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a thought From David on 11/22/2020 ...
Hi, After my employee clocks in, it isn't accurately tracking her location, it is indicating she is still where she clocked in. How do we configure it to track her GPS throughout the day as she is a mobile worker.
reply from OTC - Hi David, thanks for reaching out. We recommend confirming your employee(s) GPS settings are properly turned on inside the time clock account. Also, the employee(s) must be sharing their location with our mobile time clock app in order to properly work. To turn on GPS tracking for a mobile worker, simply go into your time clock account and select the proper employee. Next you will select the Location & Security tab. You will see the option to turn on App GPS Tracking - be sure to save your settings. It's also important to note that employees must keep the mobile time clock app open on their mobile devices in order for it to properly track their GPS. Please contact us with further questions at Thank you and have a great day!
a thought From David Dall'Alba on 11/21/2020 ...
Hi, Does this app allow the team members to not be tracked via GPS when they are not clocked in? E.g after/before work or on weekends will it cease tracking them?
reply from OTC - Hi David, great question. Most of our GPS features only track the location from where the employee punched in and out. Let’s say an employee is using our Live GPS tracking feature while out on the road during working hours, then the GPS is only working while he or she has our time clock app open. We value the privacy of our users. Hopefully this answers your questions.

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