**All About the Fingerprint Reader

The OTC Fingerprint Reader is OnTheClock.com’s fingerprint login option. With this option, the employee places their registered finger(s) on the reader to securely log them in to punch in or out for the day. This option eliminates buddy punching and also requires the employee to be at the company facility to punch in or out, thereby eliminating the chance that they will punch in or out at home or on the road. The Fingerprint reader replaces the employee's User Name and Password and still requires the employee to click on the Punch In/Out button to actually punch in/out. The employee will still have the availability to view their time cards as well as review and request PTO. 


The OTC Fingerprint Reader Option gives the cost, the requirements and where to purchase a Fingerprint Reader. The only Reader that works with our system is the Digital Persona U.are.U 4500 Fingerprint Reader.

OTC Fingerprint Reader Option


The OTC Fingerprint Reader Install Guide explains how to install the Fingerprint Reader. It also explains how to uninstall and reinstall the software.

OTC Fingerprint Reader Install Guide


Fingerprint Reader Install software. Click on the link below and it will download to your computer.

Fingerprint Reader Software


The OTC Fingerprint Reader Care & Maintenance Guide explains how to clean and maintain your reader so it will last a long time for you.

OTC Fingerprint Reader Care & Maintenance Guide


 Some Troubleshooting tips for the Fingerprint Reader.

Fingerprint Reader Troubleshooting


The following link explains how to add employees to the Fingerprint Reader.

Adding Employees to the Fingerprint Reader


Explains what the Fingerprint Reader reads of your fingerprint.

Does the Fingerprint Reader Store actual Fingerprints?


Where do I find my Account Key


If you need to have a Manager register employee fingerprints.

If you need to have a manager register employee fingerprints but you do not want to give them Admin Rights to the system. You can create an additional administrator and just give them the password but not the email address. That way they have access to add employees to the fingerprint reader but do not have full administrator access to your account. They only need an admin password to access the fingerprint reader software.


Can I use more than one fingerprint reader?

You can use as many fingerprint readers as you need for your company's needs. You can only use one per PC or Tablet. You just need to register the employee's fingerprint on one reader and it is available for all of them.


What if I need to Reinstall the Fingerprint Software?

Reinstall Fingerprint Reader Software


How do I to only allow Fingerprint login?

Limiting employees to Fingerprint Reader Login only


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