Shift Schedules

Your OnTheClock account offers two types of schedules: fixed and shift. With shift schedules, you can assign employees to specific shifts — useful if you rotate staff in and out throughout the day. Currently, shift schedules can only be created by an administrator via browser. Here’s how to set it up.

Creating a Shift

Step 1: Log in to your OnTheClock account.
Step 2: Navigate to “Schedule,” then “Schedule Settings.”
Step 3: Click “New Definition.”
Step 4: Name your shift and enter the start and end times.
Step 5: Click “Save.”

Adding Shifts to Schedules

Step 1: Navigate to “Schedule,” then “Employee Schedules.”
Step 2: Click on the day to schedule a shift.
Step 3: Set your employee and other shift options (if applicable).
Step 4: Select your shift from the “Shift” dropdown menu.
Step 5: Click “Save.”

Copying Schedules

You can save time by copying your shift schedule.

Step 1: Navigate to “Schedule,” then “Employee Schedules.”
Step 2: Click the copy icon on the top right of the schedule view.
Step 3: In the “Copy from” and “thru” fields, enter the dates to copy.
Step 4: In the “Copy to” and “thru” fields, enter the dates to schedule.
Step 5: Click “Copy Now” to complete this process.

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