Breaks, Lunch, Automation & Punch In/Out Reminders with Fixed Schedules

Set up Automatic or Manual Breaks and lunch breaks and out times

Log in as the administrator → Click “Schedule” → Select “Fixed Schedules” → Click “Add Schedule” → Enter a “Schedule Name” → Choose the number of breaks → Enter “In Time”, “Out Time” to “In Time” for each break, and “Out Time” → Choose the check box for either “Manual” or "Auto" → Select how much of the break is paid in the “Paid” field → If you choose "Some" enter the portion of the break to be paid → Click “Copy Down” under “Monday” to repeat the fields for each day


Designate Employees to a Schedule and Apply Reminders

Select all or some employees → Click “Apply” from red to green next to employee name → Click “Punch Reminder” from red to green for the 10-minute reminder to punch in and out → employee will receive reminder via text or email address.


Important Notes:

**This feature is not retroactive. If it’s set up after the "Start" punch time of the day, it will not apply to employees until the next day begins. If the employee misses a manual punch (start of the day or break), all future auto punches and reminders for that day will stop.

**If you have "Auto" on, employees MUST manually punch at the start of the day for the automation to take place.  This is set up to prevent an employee that is absent from being auto punched in.

Auto Deducted Breaks

This feature is retroactive. Turning it on or off will affect all past time cards. To not change your past time cards, you will want to archive all your past periods before applying this type of account change. Click here for more information on archiving. Do not apply an auto deduct break along with a fixed schedule.


To set up auto deducted breaks log in as the administrator → Click “Employees” → in “General” settings scroll to “Overtime & Breaks” → Select the number of hours an employee should work in “Auto Deduct Break” → Select the length of the break under  “Break Duration” → “Save Settings” → To turn this function off, select "Off" in the drop-down menu under both "auto Deduct break" and "break duration" → Save settings.

Disable Employees From Punching Too Early

Log in as the administrator or manager → Click "Employees" → Select an employee → Scroll down to "Additional features" and enter a time in "Do not allow punching in before" → Click "Save Settings". 

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Frequent Questions

Yes, you can have multiple fixed schedules, but an employee can only be assigned to one at a time.
You can create a fixed schedule specific to them and has only them assigned to it.
The fixed schedule and employee schedule do not integrate. The employee schedule is a tentative schedule that you can set up for your employees who have varying shifts. The fixed schedule is for employees who follow the same weekly schedule.
Yes, you can set up three different breaks, and we allow you to choose if each is paid: Yes, No, Some. If Some, you will designate how much you would like to pay. Example: 30 minutes, enter 0.5
They will get the reminder 10-minutes before the scheduled time.
Yes, click on the red X to the right of the Schedule Name, which is next to the edit pencil.
No, it will only deduct the break once.
The auto-deduct rule is retroactive. This means that any time you turn this on, it will automatically apply the break to all previous timecards. If you turn it off, it will automatically remove the break from past timecards. To not change your past timecards, you will want to archive all your past periods before applying this type of change.
You only need to have one of the two configured. If both are set up, you will see two break deductions, one from the fixed schedule and the other from the auto deduct rule.
No, we do not have restrictions on employees punching out late. However, we recommend setting up a fixed schedule where they can be auto punched out after they have reached a certain number of hours or at a specified time.
1.) A manual time entry was created. (it was not created by the employee’s physical punch in/out buttons) 2.) An employee punched out before the break is queued to take place 3.) An employee punched in after a scheduled break time. 4.) Having ‘Manual’ checked instead of ‘Auto.’ 5.) Having a ‘Manual’ break listed and the employee not punching for that break. 6.) Blank break slots. 7.) Overlapping automation times 8.) An administrator edits an employee’s punch that happened after the scheduled break time.

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