Employee General Tab

Filling Out the General Information to Create a New Employee

General Settings: Only the basic information (except the Mobile Number) is required to set up the employee. Any other option can be used or not used. Those options are up to you to decide what you want to use.

  1. Employee's First and Last Name: (Required)
  2. Employee’s Email address or User Name: (Required) Important Notes:  1) Email address must be a valid Internet email address if you want the employee to receive emails from the manager or administrator. 2) Usernames: If someone on the complete OnTheClock.com system already has that user name, you cannot use it. You will need to change it up such as adding an initial, number or period in their user name. 3) When you put in an email address and 
  3. Password: (Passwords are Required) Create one or use the Random generator button to create one for you. We suggest that you check the box for “Show password” so you can see that you are typing the password correctly. Note: Employees can change the password when they use the Employee Time Clock Login web page if Allow Changing Password is turned on in the Additional Options section.
  4. Mobile Phone number: (Optional) and you can text an invite to the employee with their user name and password. This also can be used for notifying the employee that they have been Auto Punched Out.
  5. Employee number: (Required) If you do not use Employee numbers then just put in any number. You cannot use duplicate numbers.
  6. Employee Group: If you have set up Employee Groups you can choose that group to use the Group settings at the top of the page. This will then set the employee options to that employee group’s options. You can set up Employee Groups by hovering over the Settings button and choosing Employee Groups.
  7. At this point, you can send a welcome email to the employee, if you have a valid Internet email address for them, by clicking on the “Send email invite now”. Or you can “Send text invite now” if you put in their mobile number.


Settings Under Additional Options in the Employee Profile

  1. Time Zone: A Time Zone is required for all employees. The default time zone is the same as the time zone set in the Time Clock Settings. If the employee works in a different time zone than the company, then you would change it here for this employee.
  2. Manual Time Entry & Adjustment is used if you want to allow the employee to manage their own Time Card allowing them to change times if necessary.
  3. Allow Changing Password can be used to enable or disable the option for the employee to “Change Password” when the employee logs into the system.
  4. Auto Adjust For Daylight SavingsSlide the slider to Green to adjust for Daylight Savings or slide the slider to Red if not to using Daylight Savings. The default setting is Green.     Note: Arizona and Hawaii do not use Daylight Savings Time and Arizona is in Mountain Time Zone. Auto Adjust for Daylight Savings is based on the US daylight savings time.
  5. Allow Check In:  This slider enables of disables the Check In is a feature that allows employees to let employers know that they are present for work, or that a particular project/job has been performed. A Check In will not record time worked to the time cards. This slider enables or disables the Check In button if it is Red the employee will not be allowed to check in. The default setting is Red.
  6. Allow Clock In/Out: This slider enables or disables the clock in/out buttons. If the box is checked the employee will not be allowed to punch in/out. The default setting is Green.
  7. Department: (Optional) If you have set up Departments you can assign department for the employee.
  8. Manager(s): (Optional) Set a Manager or Managers for the employee. If you have set up managers already, you can assign up to 5 managers per employee. Note: If you are a manager with only Assigned Employee Permission and you are setting up the employee you must make yourself the employee’s manager or you will not be able to view or manage them.
  9. NotesHere you can put a note for reference.

Settings for a Salaried Employee

This section is used if the employee is salaried. If the slider is not Green, you cannot input any information in this section.

  1. Is Salaried: Slide the slider to Green if the employee is salaried.
  2. Hours Per Day: In this box, you can put in the number of hours to put into the time cards if you do not require the employee to punch in/out each day. If you do require them to punch in/out then leave the box empty.
  3. Days Worked: If you do not require the employee to punch in/out you can check to box for each day you want the Hours Per Day to be put into the time cards.
  4. Start Date: This is the Start Date that the employee is Salaried. This is also the start date for when the Hours Per Day and Days Worked are put into the time cards.
  5. End Date: This is the Last Date that the employee worked as a Salaried Employee. This is also the last date that the Hours Per Day and Days Worked are put into the time cards.

Setting up Overtime Rules and Auto Deducted Breaks

  1. Overtime After: (Optional) Choose which option you would like to use or leave it off if not needed. Options for Overtime After are:
  • 8 hours per day
  • 10 hours per day
  • 40 hours per week
  • 44 hours per week
  • 46 hours per week
  • 48 hours per week
  • 8 hours a day OR 40 hours per week
  • 8 hours a day AND 40 hours per week
  • California      NOTE: (This is the Standard California Overtime rule)
  • 8 hours a day THEN 40 hours per week
  • 12 hours a day AND 40 hours per week
  • 10 hours a day AND 40 hours per week
  • 4o hour per week AND Sunday
  • 10 hours a day AND 40 hours per week
  • 8 hours a day AND 44 hours per week
  • 8 hours a day THEN 44 hours per week

 For more detail explanation of overtime options you can click on this link:

     Explanation of Overtime Options

NOTE:  If you chose Semi-Monthly or a Monthly Pay Period in the Time Clock Settings page you have also need to choose the Start Day Of Work Week in the Time Clock Settings. This is the day that the system will use to start calculating any of the 40 hours per week options. If you do not choose this day then overtime will start to calculate on the first day of the pay period for a 7 day week at a time. Any days at the end of a pay period that are not in a full 7 day week will be dropped and will not cross pay periods for calculating overtime.

  1. Auto Deduct Break(Optional) You can use this to automatically deduct a break an unpaid break after a set number of hours. NOTE: This option does not put punches into the time card for the break; it just subtracts the break amount from the Total hours for the day. If the employee punches in and out for the break, it will still deduct the break time from the total time, thereby shorting the employee hours.
  2. Break Duration: If auto deduct break is chosen, choose break duration. The break duration is deducted from the total hours; the system does not punch out and back in the employee for auto deducted breaks.

Allowing Job and Costing Selection to be Made by an Employee

Job & Project Costing will enable your employees to select a Customer, Project and/or Job when punching in. This will allow you to see what they were working on when they punched in for that day. You also can view reports on Job & Project Costing in the Time Cards page.

The first 3 selections (Customer Selection, Project Selection and Task Selection) are for the Job & Project Costing. The options are “OFF”, “On”, and “On, Required”. The option “On” allows the employee to choose if they want to make a selection before punching in whereas, the “On, Required” option requires the employee to make a selection or they cannot punch in. This also requires that you setup Job & Project Costing so the employee has options to choose from. For information on setting up Job & Project Costing go to this link: Job & Project Costing Setup 

  1. Customer Selection:
  2. Project Selection:
  3. Task Selection:

     The next option, Job Selection, is our original Job Selection option. It is not tied into the Job & Project Costing. You will need to set up your Jobs by hovering over the Settings button and choosing Jobs. There you create your Jobs that the employees will select if you turn on that option

  1. Job Selection: (Optional) Turn “On” if you want them to choose jobs, “Off” if not using this feature. Employees that punch in and out of Jobs can be filtered in the Time Cards to show the hours employees work on certain jobs. You will need to create "Jobs" before they can choose them. 
  2. Department Transferring: (Optional) Turn On if you want them to switch between departments. The Department filter in the Time Cards will only show which department an employee is assigned to and not what hours they worked in a department

Settings Under Additional Features in Employee Profile

  1. Group Punching: (Optional) Turn “On” if you want them in the Group Punching group, “Off” if not using.
  2. Do not allow punching in before: (Optional) Set a time that the employee cannot punch in before and they will not be permitted to punch in before that specific time. You must put in the AM or PM after the time. The employee will not be able to punch in before this time that you set.
  3. Require Punch Confirm: When the slider is green then the employee will be asked to confirm their punch with an "OK" after they click on the Punch In/Out button. If the slider is Red then when the employee clicks on the Punch In/Out button it immediately registers the punch.
  4. Allow Entering Tips: (Optional) When the slider is green then it allows your employees need to enter Tips and you want to keep track of them. This will allow your employees to enter in their tips in the "TIP" field when they punch out for the day.
  5. Allow Entering Bonuses: (Optional) When the slider is green and if you offer bonuses for your employees it can be entered in the "BON" field in the time cards.
  6. Allow Entering Commissions: (Optional) When the slider is green and if you offer Commissions for your employees it can be entered in the "COM" field in the time cards.
  7. Allow Entering Mileage:(Optional) When the slider is green and if you offer Mileage for your employees it can be entered in the "Mileage" field in the time cards.
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