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Mimis Childcare Customer Success


Mimis Childcare

Customer Success with OnTheClock

"They’ve thought of everything!”

Before she transitioned from a career as an HR officer in the military to owner of Mimis Childcare Center LLC in Blackstone, Virginia, Millie Roy was determined to make sound business decisions. First, she chose an accountant to handle payroll. Then she searched for a time tracking system that was affordable and easy to use. Though associates suggested a variety of time tracking solutions, “Other time sheets cost as much as $110 a month. I couldn’t afford that.”


Finally, her accountant suggested she take a look at online time sheet OnTheClock. “So I did the research and OnTheClock was super easy to install. I just had to click a couple of buttons and it was set up on my computer.” Not only that, it’s very user-friendly. “I didn’t need to take a class to learn how to use OnTheClock. I just followed the tutorials online.”


Millie only had two employees when she opened her business in September 2015, allowing her to use OnTheClock’s time sheets for free. Millie has since expanded her payroll to six employees and pays OnTheClock $1.50 per month for each. At $9.00 a month, OnTheClock is a real steal in Millie’s eyes, especially compared to the competition. “You pay based on the number of employees. That makes it more affordable.”


Millie likes that she can monitor OnTheClock’s time sheets from any location. “I know, no matter where I am, that my employees are logging in and out at the right time.” That was especially evident when one employee forgot to punch in after she arrived at work one morning, even though she punched out at the end of her shift. When she punched in the following morning, “It looked liked she worked from 6:00pm until 8:00am the next morning.” Fortunately, OnTheClock made it easy to correct the error, a feature Millie appreciates. “I can fix the time sheet, I can edit the time sheet, anytime and from anywhere.”


Though Millie trusts her employees, OnTheClock provides a security measure she finds comforting. “I can set the IP address on my computer so that my employees can’t log in from home.” OnTheClock also keeps clients in the loop with software updates through a Facebook feed on their website. Millie likes the frequency of communication – just enough but not enough to overwhelm – even though, “I’ve never had to call anybody to resolve a problem. OnTheClock just works. They’ve thought of everything!”