Restore/Reactivate an Employee

Restore/Reactivate an Employee From a Browser

Log in as the administrator or manager → Click “Employees” at the top of the screen → Select the “View Full Employee List” → Click below the list “Restore Employees” → Select “Restore” Next to the employee you choose.

To Restore/Reactivate an Employee From the Mobile App

Log in as the administrator or manager → Tap "More" → Tap "Settings" → Tap "Employees" → Tap the slider to "Inactive" to view list →  Tap the "Employee" → Tap "Activate".

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Frequent Questions

The employee's profile settings will be the same as before you deleted them. You should review their profile settings after restoring to ensure that they are still up to date. An excellent example of this is restoring a salaried employee profile. You will want to update the "End Date" field to allow their timecards to auto-populate again.
Yes. We do not delete any timecards after an employee is removed from the employee list, so you can still find them even after restoring them.

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