Restore/Reactivate an Employee

Benefit to the OnTheClock User

You may restore/reactivate an employee who was previously deleted.  Note that if the employee was not permanently deleted, their username will remain in our system, and if you try to add them again, you will receive an error message trying to use the same username or email.  In this case, you will need to change the previous email address, use a new one, or use the restore instructions below. If you need to transfer an employee from one account to another, please contact Click here to learn about starting fresh and adding an employee as new. 


Restore Employees On Website           

Locating The Restore Button               

Restore Employees On App


To Restore/Reactivate an Employee From a Browser

  1. Log in as the administrator.
  2. Click “Employees” at the top of the screen.
  3. Select the “View Full Employee List”
  4. Click below the list “Restore Employees”.
  5. Select “Restore” Next to the employee you choose.

TIP: If you are unable to see the "restore" button on the right side of the employee name, try minimizing your browsers zoom to 90% or lower. If you have a chat open, minimize the chatbox it sometimes blocks the icons.

To Restore/Reactivate an Employee From the Mobile App

  1. Log in as the administrator.
  2. Press "Settings".
  3. Press "Employees".
  4. Press the slider to "Inactive" to view their lists.
  5. Press the "Employee".
  6. Press "Activate".



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