Delete/Deactivate/Terminate Employee

Benefit to the OnTheClock User

You may delete/deactivate/terminate an employee who is no longer with the organization to remove them from time cards or other lists, or when an error has been made in setup.  Click here to restore employees who were previously deleted and click here to learn about adding employees.

If you need to transfer an employee from one account to another, please contact

Remove an Employee From a Browser

Log in as the administrator or manager → Click “Employees” at the top of the screen → Select “View Full Employee List” → Click the red X to the right to delete to remove from the employee list.


Not seeing a red x?

If you have a chat open the chat box may be blocking the red x, try minimizing chat. If you still do not see the red X at the bottom of the box containing the deleted employees you may need to use the scroll bar to move over to the right. 

Remove an Employee From the Mobile App

Log in as the administrator or manager → Tap your intials in the right corner → Tap settings → Tap "Employees" → select the employee name to delete/deactivate → Tap the red "deactivate" button to delete, removing the employee from your lists, but still saving their time cards. 

Reusing A Deleted Employees Number

If you want to reuse employee numbers you must change the employee number of the employee you are going to delete before you delete them. (E.g. If the current number is 4, change it to 10004)

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Frequent Questions

No. After deleting employees, timecards will remain visible in the timecards section
Yes. Even after deleting an employee from your employee list, their timecards will remain available for payroll processing.
No. We only bill based on the number of employees that you have listed in your account within the last 20 days of the billing date.
You should download your employee’s time cards before removing them always to have them easily accessible from your end. Their timecards entries will always be there. However, after deleting the employees, their name no longer shows under the employee filter in the options box of the timecards page, making it a little trickier to locate the timecards if a considerable amount of time has passed. You can restore the employee temporarily to filter for their timecards. However, an employee fee may occur depending on the time of restoration.
Timecards are still showing up after deleting their profile because an "End Date" was not filled out in their profile before deleting them. You will want to restore the employee, and in their profile, enter that last day they worked in the "End Date" box. This is found under "Salaried Options" on the left side of the employee profile. Save your changes and re-delete them from the employee list. If you haven't removed the additional timecards, go to the timecards page, find the timecard entries, and press the red "X" to delete them.
No worries, you can restore their profile like nothing ever happened. Refer to our help article Restore/Reactivate an Employee for help on how to fix an employee profile.
Yes, to permanently delete, with no way to recover information, click “Restore Employees” ? Select “Delete Forever” next to the employee you need to remove. We do not recommend this option. If you wish to permanently delete an employee, we strongly recommend downloading all timecard information first.
If an employee is deleted on the 8th of the month or before, you will not be charged. If an employee is deleted after the 8th of the month, you will be charged.

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