Delete/Deactivate/Terminate Employee

Benefit to the OnTheClock User

You may delete/deactivate/terminate an employee who is no longer with the organization to remove them from time cards or other lists, or when an error has been made in setup.  Click here to restore employees who were previously deleted and click here to learn about adding employees.

If you need to transfer an employee from one account to another, please contact


Delete An Employee From Website                       Reusing A Deleted Employees Number

Locating The Red X To Delete                                Important Billing Notes

Delete An Employee From App


From a Browser

  1. Log in as the administrator.
  2. Click “Employees” at the top of the screen.
  3. Select the “View Full Employee List”.
  4. Click the red X to the right to delete, removing the employee from your lists, but still saving their time cards.
  5. To permanently delete, with no way to recover information, click below the list “Restore Employees”.
  6. Select “Delete Forever”  next to the employee you need to remove.

Tip: If you are unable to locate the Red X to delete your employees, try minimizing your web browser zoom to 90% or lower. If you have a chat open the chatbox may be blocking the Red x, try minimizing chat. 

From the Mobile App

  1. Log in as the administrator.
  2. Click “Settings”.
  3. Click "Employees" or "Managers" depending on who you would like to delete.
  4. Select the employee name to delete/deactivate.
  5. Click the red "deactivate" button to delete, removing the employee from your lists, but still saving their time cards.


Reusing A Deleted Employees Number

If you want to reuse employee numbers you must change the employee number of the employee you are going to delete before you delete them. (E.g. If the current number is 4, change it to 10004)


Important Billing Notes

NOTE 1: If you leave the employee in your employee list you will be charged for them every month. It is your responsibility to delete the employees when they do not work for you anymore. We do not remove them.

NOTE 2: Deleted employees need to be deleted for 20 days in order to not be billed for them. This prevents anyone from deleting employees before the billing date and then re-instating them after the billing is done so as to avoid paying for them. In order to treat everyone equally, no exceptions will be made.

NOTE 3: If you restore an employee within 20 days of the month’s billing date and then delete them again you will be charged for that employee during the next billing cycle as if they are still in your employee list for that month. So do not restore them unless you are reinstating them with your company.  See NOTE 2 above.


It is Highly Recommended that you download all of the pay periods for the employee you want to delete so you have a record for your files.



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