Deactivating Employee Profiles

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When an employee leaves your organization, you may want to remove them from your account. Removing an employee removes their ability to clock in and out. You will still be able to access the deactivated employee’s time cards. You can also restore an employee profile if you need to.

On a Browser
Step 1: Log in and navigate to “Employees.”
Step 2: On your employee list, locate the employee you wish to deactivate.
Step 3: Click the red X next to the employee’s name.

On Mobile
Step 1: Open your app and tap on your initials in the top corner of the screen.
Step 2: Select “Settings.”
Step 3: Select “Employees.”
Step 4: Locate the employee you’d wish to deactivate and tap on their name.
Step 5: Scroll to the bottom of their employee profile and select “Deactivate.”

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Frequent Questions

If an employee is deactivated on the 8th of the month or before, you will not be charged. If an employee is deactivated after the 8th of the month, you will be charged.
Yes — we can help with that. Contact to get started.
No — even after deactivating an employee, their time cards will remain available for payroll processing and for your records. You will not be billed for maintaining these records.
We highly encourage you to download your employee’s time cards for your records before deactivating their account. While their time cards will be stored indefinitely, they are not easily accessible from your Employee page. You can temporarily restore an employee to access their time cards, but you may be billed for their seat.
Yes — but if you permanently delete an employee, you will no longer be able to recover their information. If you need to permanently delete an employee, navigate to your Employee page. Then, select “Restore Employees.” Finally, locate the employee you wish to permanently delete and select “Delete Forever.” We do not recommend permanently deleting employees. If you must permanently delete an employee, we strongly recommend downloading all time card information first.
Don’t worry! You can restore their profile like nothing ever happened. Here’s how.
Yes — if you remove the deactivated employee’s number first. The easiest way to do this is to change the deactivated employee’s number to one you’re certain you won’t use (e.g. if the current number is 4, change it to 1004). If needed, you can restore your deactivated employee in order to make changes to their profile.

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