Set Up Groups or Teams of Employees with Employee Group Settings

Set Up a New Employee Group From a Browser

Log in as the administrator → Click “Settings” → Select “Employee Groups" → Click “New Employee Group” → Enter "Group Name" → Click "Save Settings” → Follow single employee settings instructions by topic.  

Add Existing Employees to a New Employee Group From a Browser

Log in as the administrator or manager → Click “Employees” → Choose the employees to be added to the group →  Under "General Settings", click on "Employee Group" and select the appropriate group → Click "Save Settings".

Customize Settings for an Individual Employee in a Group

Log in as the administrator or manager → Click “Employees” → Choose the employee → Select the tab you would like to customize → Toggle the gear icon to green at the top right by the settings → Adjust desired settings → "Save Settings".

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Frequent Questions

An employee group is a great way to save initial setup time. If your employee has similar settings, this option will allow you to blanket settings across all users.
Employees assigned to a group inherit all the group settings unless you manually go into an employee record and change them individually after the group is set up.
This does not assist in tracking or filtering hours. Check out What's Next below to see how to set up departments for filtering.
Employees may belong to only one group, but you may have several groups.
The employee group settings are set up the same way as single employee settings. The only differences you will find are no pay rates can be added to a group, and no specific device and authorization settings can be applied in the group settings.
Yes, you can customize settings for a specific employee such as adding a pay rate or a device and authorization rule. You can also go into the individual profile and toggle the gear icon to the left to green and then adjust any setting for a specific employee.

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