Start a Free Trial and Set Up Guide

Benefit to OnTheClock User

Begin using OnTheClock for time tracking needs by downloading the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, or go to  There is no software required.  Note that OnTheClock connects with payroll providers, but does not offer payroll services.  Full set up is available on the website, as the app has slightly limited functionality, click here for more app info.

All accounts begin with a free 30-day trial, with full access to all features and no billing information required at the time of set up. Add your users, and provide logins.  If there is a lapse between the end of the trial and payment, employees will still be able to punch in.  You will need to add payment before using the features and sending time cards.


Sign up on Website                  Getting Started Video Tutorial

Sign up on App                         Employee Basics


If You're on the Website

  1. Click “Try It Free” in the upper right-hand corner at *Note this is the same area you will log into when you return after a trial set up, and there is a link below the "Start My Free Trial" button to click if you're an accountant getting signed up.
  2. Fill in your name, email, phone number and reason for signing up.
  3. Click “Start My Free Trial.”
  4. Set your password.
  5. Adjust your time zone for the account, employees in different locations can be set in employee set up.
  6. Add employees, this is optional at this point.
    • You may send a text or email notification of login information by ensuring the options you would like are green.  If you do not wish to send them yet, click to turn them red.
    • Fill in “First Name”, “Last Name”, “Email or Username” (note 4 digits get added to the end of a non-unique username), “Password” (double click to randomize), “Mobile” is optional and “Emp #” is optional. 
    • Click “Save List” button.
    • Click “Next” to move to the next step.

If You’re on the Mobile App

  1. Go to GooglePlay (Android) or the App Store (iOS) and search for the ‘OnTheClock’.
  2. Download and install the OnTheClock App.
  3. Run the OnTheClock App.
  4. Select whether you are the “Business Owner” or “Employee/Manager.”
  5. Enter your “Company Name.
  6. Enter your “Email Address.”
  7. Enter Your “Password.”
  8. Let us know what problem you are trying to solve.
  9. Select “Time Zone.”
  10. Optionally enter “Your Name”.
  11. Optionally enter your “Phone Number”.
  12. Click “Sign Up”.


Next Steps After Beginning Your Free Trial


Direct your employee to review the basics, click here.


Or click on the below links as an admin to learn more about features to get your account ready to go.

Add Your Employee(s) and Send Their Login(s)

Add Your Manager(s), Send Their Login(s) and Assign Employee(s)

Confirm, Add and Change Your Administrators

Set Up Paid Time Off (PTO)

Set Up the Locations Your Employees May Punch From

Choose the Device or Browser to Punch From on the Security Tab

Breaks, Lunch & Punch In/Out Reminders with Fixed Schedules

Designate Who Will be Approving Time Cards

Set Your Account Time Zone

Set the Pay Periods

Overtime Rules and Alerts

Connecting with Payroll Providers and Sending Time Cards