Add Your Manager(s), Send Their Login(s) and Assign Employee

User Permissions

Add a Manager From a Browser

Log in as the administrator → Click “settings” icon → select “managers” → Click “add manager” → Enter in the field information →  Set "employee permission" to either "all" or "assigned" → Choose whether the manager will “View Employee Payroll”, green for on → Set “timecard permission” to either “full” to make edits or “read only” → Click “send an email invite”or click “save”.

Add a Manager From the Mobile App

Log in as the administrator → On the dashboard, tap the "+" symbol to add something new → Tap “Managers” → Enter in the required field information → select employee permissions “all” or “assigned” → Select time card permission as “full” or “read only” → Tap save

Assigning a Manager to an Employee

Click “Employees” at the top of the screen → Select the employee name → stay in “general” → Under additional options scroll to managers → Select the manager to be assigned → Assign multiple managers by filling in up to 5 fields → Click save.

Assigning a Manager on App to an Employee

Tap initials at top left  → Tap settings → Tap employees → Tap employee name → Scroll to manager field → Tap field and select manager name → Click save.

To Delete a Manager From a Browser

Click the “settings” icon → Select "managers” → Click the red and white "X".

Delete a Manager From the App

Tap initials at top left  → Tap settings → Tap managers → Tap a manager name → Scroll to bottom and tap delete → Confirm delete by tapping delete in pop up.

Managers Who Are Also Employees

If you are a manager who clocks in and out log in as the manager from the web browser → Click your name in the upper right corner → Click on “Clock In/Out” → Enter a note if applicable and click “punch in” → Wait 5 seconds, and you will be automatically redirected back to the manager account.

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Frequent Questions

Yes absolutely!
You can have as many managers on the account as needed at no additional cost.
All managers have the ability to do the following unless restricted. Add, delete and change employee records. View, edit, and export timecards of employees. View and approve PTO of employees. Add departments and jobs to better categorize your employees and timecards. Add & delete jobs codes for job costing. Approve timecards.

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