Overtime Rules and Alerts

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With OnTheClock, you can automatically calculate overtime for all workers by setting overtime rules. You can also create alerts to receive notifications when an employee is about to enter overtime. Not sure what rule to set? Read our article about overtime pay.

Note: Overtime rules are retroactive. To avoid modifying past time cards, you must first archive them.

Setting Overtime Rules

Step 1: Log in as an administrator or manager via browser.
Step 2: Navigate to “Employees,” then select the employee you’d like to modify.
Step 3: Scroll down to “Overtime and Breaks.”
Step 4: Set your overtime rules.

Overtime Alerts

Step 1: Log in as an administrator or manager via browser.
Step 2: Navigate to “Settings,” then “Overtime Alerts/Scheduled Reports.”
Step 3: Under “Overtime Alerts,” click “Add Alert.”
Step 4: Name your alert.
Step 5: Set when you’d like the alert to be sent.
Step 6: Select the managers and admins you’d like to receive the alert.
Step 7: Toggle “Apply” on for the employees you’d like to trigger the alert.
Step 8: If desired, you can toggle on “Send to Employee” as well.
Step 9: Click “Save Alert.”

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Yes — in the box labeled “Add Additional Recipients,” enter the email or mobile number for the person you’d like to receive the alert. Note that you can only add one email address or phone number per line.
Double-check that you’ve set your overtime rule for the employee. If no rule is set, overtime will not be triggered, and no alert will be sent.
If you’d only like to receive overtime alerts via email, toggle your profile off under “Select Alert Recipients.” Then, add your email address to the box labeled “Add Additional Recipients.”
Yes — select “California” when setting your overtime rule. You can also use our California Overtime Calculator and read our guide to the California overtime law.

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