PTO is normally Paid Time Off. We do offer a way to show PTO as Unpaid Time Off.

We have 4 categories of PTO built into the system. Vacation, Holiday, Sick, and Personal. You can use all of these or some of them. Depending on what your company uses.

There is also an option to Rename these categories. That can be done in the Time Clock Settings page, in the Advanced Tab. The following link will take you to the Time Clock Setting page instructions and go to the Advanced Tab section.  Time Clock Settings page 


Setup Employee PTO

In order to have the system maintain your PTO you first need to set it up. You do this in the Employee Record. To learn how to setup PTO for the employee go to the above Link:  


Current PTO & PTO Requests

The Current PTO & PTO Requests is used to View current PTO for employees and/or to Approve or Deny PTO requests. To learn about viewing Current PTO and Approving or Denying PTO Requests, go to the above Link: 


Editing PTO Requests

Learn how to edit PTO Requests  


Add Bulk PTO

Add Bulk PTO is used to put in Vacation, Holiday, Sick and Personal time for one or multiple employees. To learn how to use Bulk PTO go to the above Link: 


Unpaid Time Off

Some employers may want to track an employee's Unpaid Time Off. To learn how to do that go to the above Link: 


Using the PTO Request System 

If you do not maintain your PTO in our system and want the employees to use the PTO Requests in our system to notify you of requested PTO, click on the following link to learn how to set that up. 


Updating & Exporting PTO year

In this section, it explains how to update the yearly PTO and how to Export the PTO year before you update the year for the employee. 


State Required Sick Leave

Some states require sick leave for every hour worked. This page will explain how to set it up.


How to create a Paid Time Off Policy




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