QuickBooks Desktop Importer

Benefit to the OnTheClock User

OnTheClock offers a QuickBooks Desktop Import tool for download to help you seamlessly send your hours from OnTheClock to your QuickBooks Desktop account.

To import a CSV file into QuickBooks you need to download the Ontheclock QuickBooks Importer from our website. It can be downloaded here....

QuickBooks Desktop Timecard Importer

For help setting up your QuickBooks Desktop import tool and getting hours from OnTheClock into QuickBooks, watch our setup video.

Feature Limitations

  • Job & costing information cannot be sent to Quickbooks Desktop. This includes jobs, projects, customers, tasks, and department information. 
  • The QuickBooks Desktop Importer will only send time to the default payroll items in QuickBooks Desktop. Your payroll items must be labeled as the following: Hourly, Overtime (x1.5) hourly, Double-time hourly, Triple-time hourly, Hourly Vacation, Hourly Holiday, Hourly Sick, and Hourly Personal.
  • We do not send over salary hours at this time, only hourly payroll items will be sent to QuickBooks Desktop.
  • We are not compatible with Contractor Editions of QuickBooks Desktop 
  • The Import tool is only compatible with Microsoft-based computers; no tool is available for MAC users. 

Set up QuickBooks Desktop for CSV Import

Open your QuickBooks session→ Go to the Employee Center→ Select an employee from the list and go to ‘Payroll Info.'→ In Earning Codes enter in the default payroll items, and check the box ‘Use time data to create paychecks’ is checked to run Payroll. (highlighted below)

NOTE: we only map hours over to the default items you see listed in this sample.

QuickBooks Desktop Importer Instructions

Click the Import Tool download link→ Follow the prompts in the install wizard. Be sure to install this on the computer as the Admin of your PC.→ Once installed, you will have a desktop icon labelled “OnTheClock.com Importer.” → To initiate the tool, you will want to have QuickBooks Desktop opened.→ Once opened, you will see the following screen:

QB Desk Importer

Download the CSV File From OnTheClock to Import

Log in to your OTC account as an administrator or manager.→ Go to the Timecards and then click the “CSV Export” for the pay period you wish to import.→ Save the downloaded timecards in a folder on your computer.→ In the Desktop importer, select ‘Browse for file’ and select the timecards you downloaded from OTC.→ In your Importer tool you should see timecard data displayed below.

 QB Desk Browse

Click “Send to QuickBooks Once your upload is complete, you will see a green progress bar that says Done, X time cards sent to QuickBooks:

 QB Desk Send

Close the import tool

Viewing Your Uploaded Time Cards in QuickBooks Desktop

Go to your QuickBooks Desktop session.→ Click Employees.→ Select ‘Enter Time.’→ Click “ Use Weekly Timesheets.”→ Adjust the date range to be within the weeks you sent to QuickBooks from OnTheClock.


You will see time data displayed with a description of OTC added. Here you can verify that the hours match OnTheClock.

 NOTE: You will only be able to display the timesheet in a weekly view in QuickBooks Desktop.

Multiple Company Account

If you are running multiple company accounts, switch your setting in the beginning when you open up OTC Importer to ‘Yes, Prompt each time’

 QB Desk Prompt

 You will want to be in "Single user mode" to import over hours into the QuickBooks account.

Settings and Applications in QuickBooks Desktop

Make sure OnTheClock appears as an application name and has a check under allow access.

Go to Edit> Preferences> Integrated applications→ Second Tab Company Preferences.

 QB Desk allow access

Try hitting Reauthorize.

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Frequent Questions

A common reason for time not showing up in the weekly timesheet in QuickBooks Desktop is the earning codes (under “Payroll Info” for the employee) are not the defaults that OnTheClock sends to. Check the earning codes in your employee’s payroll info section and make sure they match these items here.
No. The time card columns in OnTheClock must be left as the default names, or the importer will not recognize the CSV file and fail to import the hours into QuickBooks.
Not at this time. We currently only support sending information over to hourly employees but are looking into adding this ability in the future.
To view the hours that were imported, go to the Employee Center and then click on “Weekly Timesheets.” Adjust the date ranges and you will see your hours displayed here.
First, you will need to delete the time entries in the weekly timesheet on your QuickBooks Desktop. Next, re-download the OnTheClock CSV for the updated timesheets and send them through the importer tool. You can use the timecard filter labeled EMP in OnTheClock to select just one employee to download if one employee’s time was corrected.

What's Next

QuickBooks and Other Payroll Programs

OnTheClock.com has partners to make payroll easy! Our QuickBooks Online AND Desktop integrations allows transparent communication with OnTheClock.com. With the click of a button you connect to your QuickBooks account, from there you can sync employees and send time cards to QuickBooks online. Once time cards have been synced, the hours will be available to create payroll or for customer billing.

QuickBooks Desktop Importer General Error Solution

There Was a Problem Connecting to QuickBooks Message. We are sorry to hear you are experiencing an error message while trying to connect OnTheClock importer tool with your QuickBooks Desktop. If you are receiving the error below we have a few resources that have resolved this for other users.