QuickBooks Desktop Importer

Ontheclock.com does not connect directly into QuickBooks desktop. OntheClock.com does export an Excel “CSV”) file that is an Excel-compatible file that can be imported into QuickBooks. Use the Excel Export button in the Time Cards to get the CSV file on your computer.

To import a CSV file into QuickBooks you need to download the Ontheclock QuickBooks Importer from our website. It can be downloaded here....

QuickBooks Desktop Timecard Importer

You can view our instruction video for the desktop importer at  YouTube - Using the QuickBooks Desktop Importer or you can follow the instructions below.

Important Notes for using the QuickBooks Desktop Importer.

  1. To Install the QuickBooks Desktop Timecard Importer (QuickBooks Desktop) you must be logged in as the administrator of the computer.
  2. The Importer matches the employee by first and last name. They must be exactly the same.
  3. It does not push the Department and Job Codes and hours for Job Costing. 
  4. QuickBooks Desktop Timecard Importer uses the Default QuickBooks Desktop payroll Item Names. If you have changed them you need to reset them to the default names below. 

 In your Quickbooks, go to List and then Payroll Items to check for the following names. 

  • Hourly
  • Overtime (x1.5) hourly
  • Double-time hourly
  • Triple-time hourly
  • Hourly Vacation
  • Hourly Holiday
  • Hourly Sick
  • Hourly Personal


QuickBooks Desktop Importer Instructions

Go to the OTC Help section in the Admin account and Select ‘Exporting TimeCards’ under the heading ‘Timecards’
Click on the link “QuickBooks Desktop timecard Importer” Run and Install as the Administrator of the PC.
Open your QuickBooks Desktop account before opening the importer
When you open the Desktop importer this is what you will see:
QB Desk Importer


*Before importing files make sure that the names of your employees match between OTC and QuickBooks.
 *Make sure your Payroll items are the ‘Default’ items from QuickBooks
· Hourly
· Overtime (x1.5) hourly
· Double-time hourly
· Triple-time hourly
· Hourly Vacation
· Hourly Holiday
· Hourly Sick
· Hourly Personal
You will want to Login to your OTC account and download the pay period you wish to import to your QuickBooks Desktop (QuickBooks Desktop) account.
Save the downloaded Timecards in a Folder on your Computer
In the Desktop importer select ‘Browse for file’ and select your timecards you downloaded from OTC
Once you select your file you should have a screen that looks like this:
 QB Desk Browse
Click “Send to QuickBooks”
Once your upload is complete you will see a Green progress bar that says Done, X time cards sent to QuickBooks:
 QB Desk Send

 You can now close your importer.

Viewing your Uploaded Time cards in QuickBooks Desktop
Now that you have successfully uploaded your time cards you can locate them in your QuickBooks Desktop account by going to your Employees and selecting ‘Employee Center’ from the drop down.
You will see this screen:
 QB Desk Employee Center

 Select one of your employees from the list go to ‘Payroll Info’ and make sure the box ‘Use time data to create paychecks’ is checked to run Payroll.

 QB Desk Run Payroll
To view the time cards go back to the main employee information page and select ‘enter time’ above employee information in the drop-down click ‘Use Weekly Timesheet’
 QB Desk Weekly Timesheet
 Here you can verify that the hours match between OTC and QuickBooks.


Multiple Company Account:


If you are running a multiple company accounts, switch your setting in the beginning when you open up OTC Importer to ‘Yes, Prompt each time’

 QB Desk Prompt

 You will want to be in "Single user mode" to import over hours into the QuickBooks account.



Settings and Applications in QuickBooks Desktop


Go to Edit> Preferences> Integrated applications

Second Tab Company Preferences.

 Make sure OnTheClock appears as an application name and has a check under allow access.

 QB Desk allow access

Try hitting Reauthorize.


 Employee Center 


Click on an employee record to bring up "Edit Employee"

Go to the Fourth Tab "Payroll Info"

Make sure the box "Use time data to create paychecks" is marked.

 QB Desk Use Time Data


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