OnTheClock.com has partners to make payroll easy!

Tracking and managing employee hours using OnTheClock is a great way to start. However, the ultimate goal is to get your employees paid on time and accurately. OnTheClock integrates with virtually all payroll providers such as QuickBooks, Accounting CS Payroll, Gusto and Paychex. 


Our QuickBooks Online AND Desktop integrations allows transparent communication with OnTheClock.com. With the click of a button you connect to your QuickBooks account, from there you can sync employees and send time cards to QuickBooks online. Once time cards have been synced, the hours will be available to create payroll or for customer billing. Learn More!


Accounting CS Payroll

Designed for firms that want to handle payroll processing in-house, Accounting CS Payroll offers convenient options for paperless delivery and remote data entry using the latest in web and mobile technology. It accurately performs payroll calculations for you, bringing you new opportunities to grow your payroll business and handle complex payrolls with confidence and accuracy. Accounting CS Payroll accounting software gives you more options than ever for delivering reports and payments to your clients and their employees, including pre-printed, remotely printed and paperless payroll options like direct deposit, PayCard® and more. Learn More

ConnectPay Logo

The ConnectPay integrated web-based experience with OnTheClock.com gives small businesses the benefit of a compliant, comprehensive time and attendance solution. With the press of a button, data from your timeclock can export from any device, anywhere, anytime.

Payroll Connect

When using Payroll Connect you are provided with an elegant and seamless payroll experience. Once you have connected your OnTheClock.com account with Payroll Connect, you will simply approve your time cards and click “Send To Payroll Connect”. From there, the experts at Payroll Connect take over. Payroll is processed using either direct deposit or pay checks are express mailed to you.

To connect to Payroll Connect go to the settings page and click 'connect' for Payroll Connect
Try the OnTheClock and ADP connection. Learn more about ADP.
  Easily sync your time clock and payroll needs with Gusto
See how OnTheClock can connect your time clock with Paychex. Learn more!
 Paychex Flex and OnTheClock provides you a great time clock and payroll combination. Learn more!
 Sage payroll and accounting goes great with OnTheClock's time tracking. Learn more!
And Many Others Including:
Ceridian and Paylocity