Guest Blog With OTC

Become a guest writer

Do you love to write and are knowledgeable in things such as business, technology, employment law, or employee time tracking?  If so, we’d love to hear from you and feature your post on our blog!

Here is what we’re looking for in a guest blog post: 

  • Articles must be handwritten, unique and not copied from your blog - we will be checking
  • The article must be relevant to OnTheClock readers - e.g. things concerning...
    • employee time tracking
    • employes
    • hiring
    • employment law
  • Include a bio of yourself and headshot
  • Send the completed article or an outline for approval
  • Your post must offer a solution to a problem
  • Keep specific keywords and phrases and phrases in mind while writing
  • Include pictures and videos - a must!
  • Make sure that your article contains at least 800 words, but 1000 words is preferable
  • Make sure you include an introduction, body and conclusion
  • Your article should contain links to external authoritative references (other than your site) - think Wikipedia, inc or Forbes
  • Avoid overly self-promoting you or your business in the post; feel free to talk a bit about your business experience but make sure the post itself is not salesy
  • We will not accept optimized link text to your site, the text for links to your site must be your brand

How to submit your guest post

  • We prefer that the article be created as a Google Doc, however Word will do
  • Create your article or draft
  • For a Google Doc, share it to
  • For a Word Document, email to


Thanks, we're looking forward to hearing from you!