Time Clock Settings

Time Clock Settings page is only available to an administrator.

Basic Settings Tab

Basic Settings

The Basic Settings should already be set up when you started the account. They are Local Time Zone, Pay Period Type, Pay Period Start Date, and Punch Rounding. To make changes you do the following:

  1. Click on the “Settings” when you first log in and choose “Time Clock Settings” in the drop-down menu.
  2. Select your Local Time Zone. (This is for your company location, employees will have this set as a default. You can always change it for the employee.)
  3. Choose your pay period type.
  • Weekly - Period lasts one week, the starting point is specified by setting the pay period start date.
  • Bi-Weekly - Period lasts 2 weeks, the starting point is specified by setting the pay period start date.
  • Semi-Monthly - 2 pay periods per month. You must set the first and second start days. See #4 below.
  • Monthly - pay period spans the entire month, you must set the start day. See #4 below.


  1. For Weekly and Bi-Weekly pay period types you would then choose a "Pay Period Start Date". This day of the week will also determine the day that over time starts to calculate for the week. 
  2. For Semi-Monthly pay period, you would choose the "First day of the first pay period" and the "First day of the second pay period". In the boxes, you would just put in the number for the day. (example: 1 for the 1st day of the month and 16 for the 16th day of the month.) You will also need to choose the Start Day of Work Week. See #7 below.
  3. For Monthly pay period, you would choose the day you want to start the pay period by putting in just the number of the day. You will also need to choose the Start Day of Work Week. See #7 below.
  4. IMPORTANT: For Semi-Monthly or Monthly pay periods you will need to set the Start Day Of Work Week which will tell the system which day you want to start calculating for Overtime. The most common day is Monday, but can be set for any day of the week. NOTE: if you choose Pay Period Start Day then your overtime calculation will start on the first day of the pay period for seven days at a time and will not cross pay periods, thereby leaving orphan days not used for overtime.

NOTE: If you decide to change the Pay Period type, then all Time Cards including previous Time Cards will be changed. We highly recommend that you download your employees’ Time Cards before you make a change to the Pay Period type or you Archive all the previous pay periods. Archived pay periods will not change nor can they be edited. It will give you a permanent historical record of the pay period

  1. Account Key: This is used for the Fingerprint Reader.
  2. Choose your Punch Rounding For details on punch rounding see the Punch Rounding in the Appendix or click this link.      “Punch Rounding Explained”.
  3. The Timecard Audit Trail, if turned on, will record any edits made to the Time Cards by the Administrator, Managers or Employees if they have been allowed to change their own Time Cards.
  4. The Timecard Approval, if turned on, will allow the managers and administrator to approve the time cards for the employees.
  5. Click on the green “SAVE” button to save any changes.
View Account Activity

This will show the Raw Account Activity from the last week. All Dates and Times are US Eastern Time Zone. 

Currently, we log these events:

  1. Website Log-Ins
  2. Punch-Ins and Outs
  3. Auto Punch-Ins and Outs
  4. Sent SMS(text) messages
  5. Sent Email messages
  6. employee Record Updates & Deletes
  7. Tim Card settings Updated.


Advanced Tab

Timecard Columns

Here you can choose which Time Card Columns will be visible in the Time Cards page. Any Column heading that has the slider on Green (on) will be visible in the Time Cards. If there are some you do not want to show you would slide the slider to Red for that column and it will not be visible.

You also have the option to ReName any of the Timecard Columns in both the system and exports. You would use the "New Name" to re-name the column system-wide and the "Export Name" to change the display in the Exports.

New Timecard Columns

Include Unpaid PTO Hours In Time Card

If the slider is on Green (on),  then any Unpaid PTO Hours will show up in the Time Cards. If the slider on Red then the Unpaid PTO Hours will be hidden and will not be seen in the Time Cards.


SMS(text) Options

Here you can turn on or off the SMS (text) Messages for your account. If you turn on the SMS (text) Messages you will be charged $2.00 each month for this service, plus $0.01 for each text that is sent out.


Remember Me Checkbox

Here you can turn off or on the Remember Me Checkbox for the Administrators or Managers. If you turn it off then the administrator or manager will see it one more time when they sign in. It will then disappear. Go to the "Employee Punch Site" tab to adjust employee Remember Me Checkbox.



Payroll Providers Tab

Payroll Sofware

OntheClock offers direct integration with the following software and payroll services below. If you are using one of these services, we highly recommend enabling it. Doing so will enable time card features that will make sending hours to payroll a breeze. There are Setup Guides available for each type of payroll software, just click on the Setup Guide button.

New Payroll Software

Intuit QuickBooks Online

Our QuickBooks online integration gives allows transparent communication with OnTheClock.com. With the click of a button you connect to your QuickBooks Online account, from there you can sync employees and send time card to QuickBooks online. Once time cards have been synced, the hours will be available to create payroll or for customer billing.

For more information on QuickBooks Online please visit their website


To connect to QuickBooks Online go to the Time Clock Settings page, choose the Payroll Providers tab and click on "Connect to QuickBooks" button.


Thomson Reuters Accounting CS

To connect to Thomson Reuters go to the Time Clock Settings page, choose the Payroll Providers tab and click on "Enable Accounting CS" button.  


Xero Beautiful Accounting Software

To connect to Xero go to the Time Clock Settings page, choose the Payroll Providers tab and click on "Connect to Xero" button.  

Payroll Services

Looking for a payroll service? OnTheClock has partnered with the following trusted payroll companies. 




Connect Pay

If you haven't set up an OnTheClock.com account yet: Contact Connect Pay and get set up with them, they will then give you a referral code which you would put in when you set up your OnTheClock.com account.

If you already have an OnTheClock.com account: Contact Connect Pay and get set up with them, they will then notify us that you are now using their service.  


Payroll Connect

When using Payroll Connect you are provided with elegant and seamless payroll experience. Once you have connected your OnTheClock.com account with Payroll Connect, you simply approve your time cards and click “Send To Payroll Connect”. From there, the exports at Payroll Connect take over. Payroll is processed using either direct deposit or paychecks are express mailed to you.

For more information on Payroll Connect please visit their website 


or you can call them at 888-753-5510.

To connect to Payroll Connect go to the settings page and click 'connect' for Payroll Connect


ADP, Gusto, Ceridian, Paychex, Paylocity and Sage Payroll Services

For these payroll services, you would use the export button in the time cards. You would need to contact them to find out how to import the time cards into their system. 


Employee Punch Site Tab

Group Punch Settings (optional)

You can click on the following link to get complete information on setting up a group punch Station. It can be set up on a PC, Tablet or Smart Phone using the device's Web Browser. Or on an Android or Apple Tablet/Phone using the OnTheClock.com App.

All About the Group Punch 


Multilingual Prompts (Optional for the Group Punch option only)

The multilingual prompts only work if you use the Group Punch option, it is not available for the Standard Punch Site. If you have employees that speak a different language other than English, you can customize the Group Punch Station for the four prompts listed. Click on the Save button when finished.

If you need to have it display in two languages, such as English and Spanish you can put both the English and Spanish in the prompt box and it will display both. The following is an example.

  • Enter employee number / Introducir número de empleado
  • Next / luego
  • Punch In / fichar
  • Punch out /  fuera al salir
Employee Punch Site (Optional)

Custom Logo: Here you can upload or delete a company logo that will show up when the employee signs in and out. The logo file must be a valid image file format such as JPG, BMP, GIF or PNG. Note: MS Word and PDF files do not work. An employee will need to sign in for the first time to have the logo appear. After that, the logo will always appear unless someone deletes the cookies on that computer.

  1. Click on the “Choose File”
  2. Navigate to where you have the file on your computer.
  3. Click on the file to choose it.
  4. Click on the “Open” button to upload it.
  5. Click on the “Save”
  6. Click on the “Settings” button to check if it has successfully loaded.

Schedule: Here you can turn on the schedule for the employees. Options are the following.

  1. Off: Turns off the Schedule for the employees
  2. Personal: Only allows the employee to see their own Schedule
  3. All Employees: Allows the employee to see all employee’s Schedules.


Global Message (optional)

Here you can have a global message for your employees when they log on. You can set custom start and end times for global messages.

  1. Leave the start and end dates blank to permanently show the message.
  2. Set the Start date and leave the end date blank to start at the specified date and never end.
  3. Set the start and end dates to display the message only between the specified dates.
  4. Click on the green “Save” button when finished.
Remember Me Feature (optional)

This feature allows you to turn ON or OFF the “Remember Me” checkbox when the employee signs on. For instance, if multiple employees are using the same computer to punch in/out, you may want to turn off “Remember Me” for the employees.


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