Time Clock Settings

Basic Settings

The basic settings tab covers the essentials for punching in and out, as well as additional options. This is also where you can access the raw activity log

Basic Settings 

  • Account Key: The unique ID number associated with your OnTheClock account.
  • Time Zone: The local time for where your employees work. 
  • Auto Adjust for Daylight Savings: Toggle this off if you live in an area without daylight savings. 
  • Pay Period Type: The frequency at which your employees are paid. 
  • Pay Period Start Date: The date you’d like pay periods to begin being tallied.*

Note that your pay period start date only needs to be set once. Choose a date that corresponds with your workweek start date. Based on that date, we’ll automatically calculate time cards for each subsequent pay period.


  • Punch Rounding: Automatically round punches up or down by 6 or 15 minutes. 
  • Time Card Audit Trail: Enables the tracking of edits and other activities. (This is enabled by default.)
  • Admin/Manager Time Card Approval: Enables time cards to be approved by an administrator or manager. 
  • Employee Time Card Approval: Enables employees to approve their time cards. 
  • Employee Time Card Approval Message: The message displayed to employees when approving time cards.*
  • Require Employees to Type An Approval Response: Requires employees to enter a response when approving time cards.*
  • Photo Attachments: Allows employees to attach photos to their clock punches. You can allow for uploads, or set to “Camera Only” to require a photo be taken at punch time. 

Note that your time card approval message may give instructions that dictate your employees’ response. For example, you may ask that they type their initials to indicate that they approve their time card.

Add the Time Clock to Your Website 

  • Time Clock Widget: If you’d like your employees to punch from your business’s website, copy/paste this code.
  • Punch Clock Button: Copy/paste this code onto your website if you’d like to redirect your employees to punch from OnTheClock.com

Advanced Settings

Your advanced settings tab will allow you to manage visible time card columns and adjust your time formatting from hours and minutes, Decimal, and even from 24-hour to 12-hour time format. 

Employee Punch Site

The employee punch site tab allows you to customize the way your employees clock in and out.

Kiosk (group punch) Settings

  • Kiosk: Toggle this on to turn a central device into a group-punch site.
  • Kiosk Registration: Registers your current device as the kiosk, and restricts punching to that specific device. 

Employee Punch Site 

  • Custom Logo: Upload your company’s logo for display on your kiosk.
  • Schedule: Determines if employees are able to view schedules.*

Note you can set schedule visibility based on your preferences. Choose "Personal" to allow employees to view their schedule, "All Employees" to allow employees to view everyone's schedule, or "Off" for no schedule visibility.

Multilingual Prompts

  • Multilingual Prompts: Turn this on if you’d like to translate time clock prompts into another language.*
  • Enter Employee Number: Enter the translation of the phrase “Enter Employee Number” you’d like to use.
  • Next: Enter the translation of the word “Next” you’d like to use.
  • Punch In: Enter the translation of the phrase “Punch In” you’d like to use.
  • Punch Out: Enter the translation of the phrase “Punch Out” you’d like to use.

Note that, if enabled, multilingual prompts are only displayed when accessing OnTheClock in kiosk mode.

Global Message 

  • Message Start Date: Enter the start date for displaying a message at clock-in.
  • Message End Date: Enter the end date for displaying a message at clock-in.
  • Global Message: Enter the message you’d like displayed to all employees as they clock in. 

Payroll Providers

The payroll providers tab allows you to export time cards for payroll processing.

  • Invite Your Accountant: Send an invitation for your accountant to join your OnTheClock account.
  • Accountant Marketplace: Browse our professional marketplace for accountants and payroll experts.
  • Payroll Software: Syncs your OnTheClock account with our partner payroll software providers.
  • Payroll Services: Syncs your OnTheClock account with our partner payroll services. 

You can also export time cards via e-mail. 

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