Get started with OnTheClock for free

Get started with OnTheClock for free

No hidden fees. Just simple, flexible pricing that grows with your business.

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$3.00 / employee / month


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The Basics

Clock in and out
Overtime calculations
Time off tracking
Mobile apps
Online access

Managing Time

Time card adjustments
Time card audit log
Time card approval
Pay period options
Allow employees to add & adjust time
Customizable time categories
12 or 24 hour format
Decimal and HH:MM format


Alerts & reminders
Employee punch notes
Company/personal announcements
Employee surveys
Photo attachments
Team chat
Schedule notes
Email, push, & text notifications
Overtime alerts

Location and Punch Controls

GPS punch recording
Location map
GPS breadcrumb trails
Device restriction
Computer restriction
Wifi restriction
Prevent early punching
Automatic punch outs

Punch Methods

Username & password
Kiosk with pin
Fingerprint punching*
Mobile app
Mobile browser

Shift Scheduling

Drag and drop schedule builder
Job, location, department scheduling
Scheduled hours estimator
Distribute via Excel, PDF, web, email

Paid Time Off

Customizable rules
Customizable categories
Automated requests and approvals
Add holidays in one step
PTO calendar
Carry forward balances
Usage and balance summaries


Free phone, text, email, chat support
No contracts or setup fees
Onboarding assistance for 25+ employees
Webinar access
Free admins and managers

Reports and Integrations

Who's in dashboard
Thomson Reuters
Sure Payroll
Scheduled reports
Job and project costing
Gross pay calculations

Additional Features

Automatic breaks
Salaried hours tracking
Punch rounding
Track tips, bonus, commission & mileage
Multiple company accounts
Employee group settings
Admin and manager permissions

Pricing Breakdown

# Of Employees $ Per Employee
1 - 2 $0.00  (free)
3 - 10 $3.50
11 - 25 $3.45
26 - 50 $3.40
51 - 100 $3.35
101 - 200 $3.30
201 - 300 $3.25
301 - 400 $3.20
401 + Contact Us



Churches & Nonprofits

Even better pricing for nonprofits

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Frequently asked questions

Most companies are built to maximize profit. OnTheClock is different. We’ve built our product entirely in house and take no capital from outside investors. We created OnTheClock with one purpose in mind: to build the best employee time clock on the market and sell it for an affordable price.
Any employee on your employee list within 20 days of the billing date is an active user.
Multiply your number of employees by the price per employee. For example, if you have 12 employees listed on your account, your price per employee would be $3.45 per month. Multiplying 12 x $3.45 gives you a monthly cost of $41.40
You can cancel your OnTheClock service at any time. If you cancel after the 14th day of the month, you will be charged for that month of service.
You can add or remove employees at any time. Your monthly fee will automatically adjust to reflect the new number of employees. Employees must be removed 20 days prior to the billing date in order to not count towards a billing cycle.
Text messaging costs $2 per month plus $0.01 for each text message sent. Text messages may be sent for a variety of reasons such as auto-punch-out notifications, punch reminders, scheduled reports, or overtime alerts.
The wireless carriers we work with charge a fee for each SMS message sent. OnTheClock is committed to keeping SMS messaging fees as low as possible.
Fingerprint readers are an ideal way to prevent time theft. Readers start at less than $100, with an additional charge of $0.50 per employee per month for each employee who uses the fingerprint reader system to sign in.
We do not charge any setup fees.
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, monthly check draft, and annual invoice.
Yes, for accounts with less than two employees we offer a free plan. A valid credit card is required to be on file after the 30 day trial period, but we will not charge your card unless additional employees are added to your account.

Clock in anywhere. Track hours. Create timesheets. Make time tracking simple with OnTheClock