A Time Clock Software for Accountants to Make Their Lives Easier

You are a busy accountant. You are crunching numbers all day, making phone calls to clients to gather accurate time cards, and the temptation to pull out your hair is becoming more of a reality every day. Payroll accountants would do just about anything to make their lives easier when dealing with timesheets with hours and minutes that do not line up.

This causes additional work and stress on yourself. It’s time for accountants to put an end to this nightmare and encourage their clients to start using a time clock software, and here is why.

Save’s Payroll Accountants Time

Modern time clocks softwares are known to save employers, employees and payroll providers a lot of time. Time savings can reduce expenses and help keep companies within their budgets. According to an article released by Forbes, 89% of people have admitted to wasting time at work. It is estimated that 31% of those in the workfield waste an average of 1 hour of work per day.

This wasted time could be used to put towards something else productive at work. When too much time is spent on a specific task, it increases the chances for mistakes to be made when it comes to number crunching. Mistakes in the world of payroll can really have an impact of many other aspects of a business so it only makes sense to avoid them as much as possible.

Improve Time Card Accuracy

Time card accuracy is one of the most important elements to a successful business. Many small business owners rely on accountants to take care of their financial records; including payroll. Whether it be a timesheet error on the employers, employees or accountants side, it is important that all channels of the process to be on the same page.

Time card errors can be devastating to small businesses and accountants because it is very costly. Employees can be getting underpaid or overpaid. In many instances, payroll could be cutting checks for overtime or paid time off that was not owed. Eventually this will catch up and start affecting a company.

The other way to look at it is companies not paying their employees overtime when it is due. This could cost companies a lot of money as well if lawsuits start happening. Hrmorning reports a lawsuit for unpaid overtime wages of $608.05. However, this is not where the big financial hit came into place. The court ordered the company to pay out $41,333 in legal fees for the employee which put the total payout amount at $42,459 including penalties.

As you can see from the information previously provided, time card accuracy can really damage a company and an accountants work.

Keep Payroll Within Budget

Payroll budgets are set for each employee’s salary and businesses gear their other budgets around this. The slightest mistake can cause a company to violate Department of Labor laws, increase the chance of an audit, arise the possibility of a lawsuit, and it is just overall bad morale for the company as a whole.

By adding in an employee time clock system, employee’s time cards will be 100% accurate which will reflect an accurate payroll. Accountants will be able to set up an account for their clients to properly track hours. Time cards will be generated and easily exported for payroll providers to create payroll.

Set Up An Employee Time Clock For Free

OnTheClock recommends trying our time clock for free. Every account receives a 30 day free trial. This will give you enough time to try it out and see if it is the right fit for you or not. Many accountants love our software because our time clock offers many robust features. They realize how much time it saves them for such a small price.

In addition to a free trial, you will still receive all the perks as a paying customer. Take advantage of our great customer service, free mobile app, and a whole lot more! You will never need to worry about contracts, base fees, scheduling fees or any other hidden costs. What you see is what you get. Billing is based on the amount of employees that are listed on the account and that is pretty much it. We highly encourage you reaching out to us if you would like to learn more.

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