How to Improve Workforce Management

What is workforce management? According to, workforce management is described as an integrated set of processes that an institution uses to optimize the productivity of its employees on the individual, departmental, and entity-wide levels. Some of the areas that are concentrated on for workforce management include tracking employee hours, creating an effective schedule and improving time.

Workforce management tools

Investing in a software as a service is a great way to improve your workforce management skills. GetApp is a great tool that businesses use to find business apps that can help improve operations, including workforce management. This reliable source allows the viewers to read reviews, product descriptions and prices to see if it fits in a company’s budget or not.


GetApp recently came out with their 3rd quarter Workforce Management Category Leaders. Listed in the top 25 is a modern time clock company called On The Clock. This company offers a fully featured online time clock app that tracks employees’ hours. Over 6,000 companies have trusted On The Clock as being their go to company when it comes to obtaining accurate employee time cards.


Employee punch in and punch out

Sometimes it can become a hassle when it comes to improving workforce management. Employee punching is easily overlooked when managing a company. With the use of a modern day punch clock, you can make sure your employees punch in and punch out when they should. Important time tracking management will increase your company’s productivity, increase timecard accuracy, and reduce payroll expenses.

When using a web-based time clock, you are able to set up geo fencing so the employee is locked down to a specific perimeter when punching in or out. The employer can rest assured that their employees are punching from the designated area they are supposed to.

What is a time clock

Time clocks have come a long way since their invention back in 1888 by Willard Bundy. We all know the purpose of a time clock is to track the hours an employee worked while helping in calculating payroll. Over time employers started to encounter difficulties with buddy punching, pto tracking, wage theft, overtime, and overall accurate time keeping.

With the increase of technology, an online time tracking system was designed and has been helping companies track their employee’s hours accurately and safely. Some features of this new time tracker include time card management, computer aided time entry, biometrics, attendance tracking and much more.

Mobile app for an employee to enter start and end time

Attendance tracking for a small business is extremely important for successful payroll budgets. Online time clocks also offer an additional time card tool such as a mobile app. When downloading the OnTheClock mobile app you are able to have full time clock efficiency. An attendance tracking app also makes it easy for employees to clock in and clock out with a touch of a button. All the hours that an employee has worked is accurately tracked through the computer time clock and mobile time clock and stored into the cloud. A time clock is almost like your personal accountant at the touch of a button.


Free Time Clock

On The Clock is a great modern day time clock system that offers a 30 free trial. With the luxury of having a free time clock system at your use, you are able to become familiar with all the features and see how your company can really benefit from it. Employees will be able to experiment with their new way of clocking in and out before switching to their new employee time tracking app. is a great place to get your company’s time card management back on track while monitoring employee hours with a time clock app. This is how you can improve your workforce management.

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