All About Time Cards

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Time cards are a record of hours worked. If you’re using OnTheClock as an employee, you can view your time cards anytime. We recommend reviewing your time cards each pay period. If you’re using OnTheClock as a manager or administrator, you can take advantage of customization features from making corrections to payroll integration.

Learn More About Time Card Management

Integration and Export
Learn how to integrate time cards with your payroll management software as well as how to print, email, or export.

Viewing and Filtering
Learn about the different ways to filter and view time cards.

Learn more about how to maintain an archive of your time cards.

Correcting Errors
Everything you need to know about managing and modifying time cards, from missed punches to split days.

Everything you need to know about reviewing and approving time cards.

Learn how to use our auditing feature to track changes made to time cards.

Additional Reports
Learn how to manage your staff and labor budgets with our report formats.

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What's Next

Time Card Columns

Learn more about adjusting time card columns.

Time Card Corrections

Learn how to make adjustments to time card entries.

Salaried Employees

Learn how to set up time cards for salaried employees.