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Benefit to the OnTheClock User

Learn about setting up the features relevant to your business by clicking on the links.  You may set up as many or as little as you like, or you may click on the links that have "*" at the end, and review as you would a check list, in order to ensure the most common features are ready to use.

Getting Started with OnTheClock

  1. Start a Free Trial*
  2. Add Your Employee(s) and Send Their Login(s)*
  3. Remember Login Information Easier
  4. Set Up Groups of Teams of Employees with Employee Group Settings
  5. Delete/Deactivate/Terminate Employee
  6. Restoring or Reactivating an Employee
  7. Add/Remove Your Manager(s), Send Their Login(s) and Assign Employee(s)*
  8. Confirm, Add/Remove and Change Your Administrators*
  9. Getting Started with the Mobile App
  10. Getting Started as an Employee
  11. Billing Cycle, Payment Options, Account Info and Activation
  12. HR, Employment, Overtime, and Labor Law Assistance

PTO (Paid Time Off)

  1. Set Up Paid Time Off (PTO), Rename Headings and PTO Renewal*
  2. Check Paid Time Off (PTO) Balances
  3. Approving Paid Time Off (PTO)
  4. Add a Paid Time Off Request (PTO) for an Employee
  5. Add Pre-Determined Holidays and Days Off with Bulk PTO

Punch Locations and Devices

  1. Turn Ability to Punch In/Out On or Off
  2. Set Up the Locations Your Employees May Punch From*
  3. Choose the Device or Browser to Punch From on the Location & Security Tab*
  4. See Where Employees are Punched In with Who's In
  5. Set Up All Employees to Punch In and Out From the Same Device Using Group Punch
  6. Language Prompt in Group Punch Feature
  7. GPS Tracking

Breaks, Lunch, Automation & Punch In/Out Reminders 

  1. Breaks, Lunch & Punch In/Out Reminders with Fixed Schedules*

Managing the Time Cards

  1. Know What Edits Happen to Time Cards and Account
  2. Designate Who Will be Approving Time Cards*
  3. Allow Your Employees to Track Tips, Bonuses or Commission
  4. Set Your Account Time Zone*
  5. Set the Pay Periods*
  6. Set up Punch Rounding
  7. Set Up a Salaried Employee
  8. Overtime Rules and Alerts*
  9. Viewing & Approving Time Cards
  10. Making Corrections to the Time Card and Manual Entries
  11. Set Up Routine Reports Direct to Email with Scheduled Reports
  12. Time Formatting Options


  1. Connecting with Payroll Providers and Sending Time Cards*
  2. Linked Accounts

Job and Project Costing

  1. Set Up Costing Features: Project, Job, Task, Customer, Mileage
  2. Set Up Costing Reports Using Job Project Costing Reports
  3. Assign Pay Rates to Your Employees


  1. Set Up Shift Schedule and View


  1. Receive and Send Text Alerts
  2. Types of Messaging and Communication with Employees
  3. Messaging


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